LoveGun Returns with Funk-Pop on New Releases ‘Funk You’ and ‘Lucy’

LA duo, LoveGun, is back with two more singles today, “Funk You,” and “Lucy,” and just as expected, Mario Borgatta, and Steve Pagano do not disappoint. Two weeks ago, Borgatta and Pagano, brought us their version of funk and pop, and complete the cycle of upbeat demeanor, with a splash of their own quirky voices on their latest releases.

Keeping the momentum going with tracks that could be added to any summertime playlist, the two releases stay true to the sound previously heard, and even show a gentler side, such as the track, “Lucy;” A resolution found within the music on letting go, that is proven in the song’s easy going tempo, and then gently tipped with bittersweet lyrics: “Lucy let me know /  I don’t want anymore of these conversations of what we lost / darling, let it go”


Of course, life wouldn’t be complete without the duo’s funk. Combine insatiable needs, clever word play, excitement in vocal delivery, and pop-funk friendly rhythms, and you get “Funk You.” The only song you need when telling your lover, or anyone, the funky thoughts running in your mind. The ranges of vocal peaks reflect the excitement, and it becomes a song that instantly puts you in a better mood.



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