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Le Zets ‘Deadweight’ Album Review

Courtesy of Le Zets
Courtesy of Le Zets / Photography by Vistonie

Everything has been done before, and the trick is to craft the sound and present it in a new light. When scrolling through the world of music the genre “garage blues” popped up in association with the band Le Zets. My assumption led to an universal sound of covers and repetitive noises. Never assume. The first time I heard Le Zets, the only thing that came out of my mouth were the words, “holy shit.”

What started as a duo in Los Angeles, by founder Richard Romero (guitar, vocals), became a trio, four years later, when Romero brought on Margo Swann from Phoenix, AZ, to take over lead vocals and keyboards, as producer Bob Hoag, also became the occasional drummer. The chemistry between the two shined on the debut album, Deadweight, released this past June, from Atomic A Go Go Records. From start to finish, there isn’t one low point on the album; a consistency of high rollers, crunchy guitars, and catchy riffs that are bound to lift your spirits and lead to a explosive rock concert in your head.

Courtesy of Le Zets
Courtesy of Le Zets

While “Favor for a Favor,”seems to be the only track that can truly be shoved into the garage blues genre, the album as a whole is a cross of 70s rock, and small dosage on tribute to the genius of Jack White, primarily heard in the ages of The White Stripes.

Show me some love,” is one of the tracks that showcase the 70s rock, with the catchy riffs that embodied that era. The hint of keys, breaks, and intense drumming, excels in it’s craft, while packaging the heightened tempo all under two minutes. Despite the music being loud, and constantly on a high, all tracks contain the smallest of detail that represents the band’s technique, such as “Lovely Eyes” – which provides a break of Swann speaking on how a girl will say she needs 10 mins to get ready, but it turns into 20.This comical break, that leads back to the driving drums, provides charm and personality. “Little Blue Dress,” is a personal favorite that also displays these small details, heard in the drumming, groovy keys hidden in the intensity, and Swann’s vocals that excel on every track.

Not only can Swann sing, Romero displayed his own skills on the track “LOBS.” Different than the other tracks on the album, serving as a duet, and refreshing love song that could hint towards denial, with a sharper punch during the chorus: “but the pressure’s building up and it’s coming down hard / but we’re gonna keep faking and faking until we know that it’s true.”

Deadweight is a resurrection of rock roots from the 70s, with hazing of garage blues, punk “crunch” that modernizes the sound. Other notable tracks on the album are “All I Want is You,” “Red Death Mobile,” and “Burning Bridges.” 

2 comments on “Le Zets ‘Deadweight’ Album Review

  1. LeZets ‘Dead Weight’ is perhaps the best recorded and produced LP that I bought during 2015. Enjoyed often over the past year, the performances and tonal qualities are crisp, powerful, clean and amazingly void of surface noise or sonic muddiness. Exceptional channel separation, depth and projection. Great song writing, instrumentation highlighted by Margo Swanns’ vocals. Every track is a keeper. 99% perfection. The only thing missing is a kiss on the lips and cooking me breakfast each morning. IMHO this release deserves to be a National/International monster.


    • I wonder if that maybe will be included in future releases? (kiss on the lips and cooking breakfast) Maybe not from Margo, but possibly Richard. Glad you enjoyed the album though. Have a favorite song?


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