Pop and Soul: Lael Summer ‘Unavailable’ Single Review

Lael Summer brings soul, pop, and heart with her music, especially on her lead single “Unavailable,” from her Life in Color EP, that was released this past June. Although currently residing in Los Angeles, Summer’s inspiration came from life experiences growing up in New York, as she matured as an individual, with the help of embodying loneliness, that is heard on the single, and on some tracks on Life in Color.

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The vocal spectrum that Summer is able to hit ranges from the softest touch of an angel, to the loud and forceful emotional stab to the heart that can bring back past demons. “Unavailable,” combines this element with a funky R&B flow, modernized in the pop realm. For a heavy self-realization song, the track’s musical approach isn’t as heavy, and allows the track to be enjoyable.
Summer creates songs that can touch any human that encountered heart break and loneliness, and besides this track, “Wires” is a suggested track from Life in Color, that deserves the equal amount of attention in it’s honest beauty versus other tracks on the EP.


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credits: Tomás Doncker (guitars), Josh David (bass), James Dellatacoma (guitars), Mike Faulkner (drums), Mac Gollehon (trumpet, trombone  Horn arrangement on “Life in Color”
and “Unavailable”),  Alan Grubner,( violin, cello on “Count My Blessings”  String Arrangement, “Count My Blessings”), Mark Henry (sax) and Nick Rolfe (keyboards).

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