Los Angeles Duo, LoveGun, Single Debut: ‘No Weight in Love’ and ‘There She Was’

LoveGun, an LA-based production duo, centralizing around the early days of pop in all it’s glory, and other forms of funk, release two singles today, “No Weight in Love,” and “There She Was,” for the world to get a taste of, while two more, “Funk You,” and “Lucy,” released later this month, will finalize LoveGun’s sound. Steven John and Mario Borgatta, the men behind the production, began making music in 2009, while at Berkley College of Music, and creatively collaborated over their mutual love of music. While they produced music for artists along the coast of California, it seemed fitting to publically display the duo’s own music.

“No Weight in Love,” is a pop-funk, heavy love confrontation, modernized, to ease the weight of the lyrics. “Don’t wanna be around / To watch you go ahead and lose your temper / I’m gonna let you bleed / You’ll try to love me in the morning / Well go ahead and you’ll see,” sets the scene as the insanely catchy melody swims. With vocals like Britt Daniel from Spoon, and similar melodic harmonies to “Brother Louie,” by Hot Chocolate, “No Weight in Love,” contains all the qualities of a natural summer tune.


LoveGun’s next single, “There She Was,” is a bit deceiving when first heard. The track starts out with a bubble-gum pop flavor, and quickly transforms into an electro-pop, missed sexual opportunity: “I took my chances when her cheeks turned red / I tried to kiss her but I missed her when she turned her head / Oh, then she said I wanna go to bed.” One cannot help but smile when listening to either of these songs, an addicting quality that seems very natural with LoveGun’s music.


LoveGun’s Twitter / SoundCloud / BandCamp


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