Viva! Pomona Spotlight: JOOS – Indie-Dream Pop From Pomona

Courtesy of JOOS via Bandcamp
Courtesy of JOOS via Bandcamp

JOOS, is a 4 piece band from Pomona, CA, consisting of Juice Guzman (guitar/ vocals), Nathanial Forrest (drums), Lucas Martinez (bass) and Christian Zamora (lead guitar), embracing the California, indie-dream pop ethereal vibe. Started off as a solo project under the name ‘joos,’ and revolving around Guzman’s material, the project evolved to the refined form as JOOS, acting now as the live band. Being fairly new, having their first show on New Year’s, the bands potential was noticed a couple of months later, when an invitation to perform at Viva! Pomona was extended.

Their most recent track, “Ride,” released this April, will be featured on the band’s upcoming EP, and captures different emotions solely on the tempo changes and feel derived on this minute and a half instrumental track.


Nothing’s Fine,” is a somber song lyrically, that counters the words content with upbeat riffs, and lo-fi dreaminess. While Guzman notes on any track when vocals are used that he “hates” his voice, the natural monotone compliments the harmony, with help from a softer female vocalist on this track.


Other tracks available on their BandCamp will be featured on a split tape with Covina locals, Certain Sober, while the band’s first debut EP will be available before Viva! Pomona. Recommended tracks would be an album based on Guzman’s solo material under the lowercase version, joos. An earlier version of what is heard at the moment, still focusing on the “emo” qualities, fused with dream-pop; a genre this band exhibits perfectly, or as they put it, “We play sad music you can dance to!”


Make sure to catch them Sunday July 19th at Viva!Pomona.



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