Discover: Vintage Pop- Justin Baron ‘ I’m Still Believing’

Courtesy of Effective Immediately PR

Vintage-Pop  – this is a simple phrase to describe Justin Baron and his debut single, “I’m Still Believing.” Before embarking on his solo career, Baron has collaborated as a co-writer with John Legend and Kimbra on their song, “Made to Love,” proving he is no stranger to the music industry, nor the pop scene.  Starting his band in Brooklyn, Baron’s attendance to dive into songwriting led him to his bassist, Alex Fast, over the common love of Radiohead, and “lesser-known” Beatles songs. As this project began, the rest of the band was added along the way through the journey of venues and lounges, which now consists of: Dan Vosk (guitar), Marcus Miller (sax & backing vocals), Chris Lucca (trumpet), David Cornejo (drums) and Tamara Usatova (backing vocals).

As far as “I’m Still Believing” goes, this track couldn’t be a better ice-breaker for Baron to make a voice for himself. Genuinely catchy, and self-expressive in every way, Baron’s message that has been hidden for years finally gets a chance to come up for air. Vintage, retro influences leak through melody and keys, not losing focus of the modern structure of a pop track, and luckily, doesn’t fall under the “bubble gum” radar. “I’m Still Believing,” is a sincere declaration of pushing for the future, in the present, delivered by Baron’s pop-blues, and attractive vocals; how could one not believe?

This summer,  Baron will play radio station festivals at Jones Beach, and at KTUphoria, Baron will play alongside pop-headliners to promote his solo material.




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