Electronic Psych-Rock: Sleepy Hahas ‘Deep River’

Audible influences drawn from MGMT and The Flaming Lips, Sleepy Hahas, a trio from Buffallo, NY, add to the popular psychedelic rock movement that is exploding this year in music, with their own taste of electronic and garage sounds. The trio released their first single and video, “Deep River,” from their upcoming album, From The Bottom of a Warm Lake, set to be released this Fall. Phil Shore (Piano/Organ/Synthesizer),  Pat Butler (Guitar/Vocals), and Kevin Pryles (Bass), have fused the intergalactic electronic sounds with experimental, psychedelic, and hypnotizing beats.

If  the song was unable to get the listener on another dimension, the video will ultimately take one there. Hand drawn, and directed by Jason Harvey- who lent a hand to other artists like,Mac Demarco, No Joy, Majical Cloudz, and Alex Calder- the video captures the innocence of imagination, alongside the strange oddities that could be seen in the corner of the mind. The pairing of Harvey’s clever brain waves, and the bands’ colorful, and clever construction of sounds, become the perfect combination to an odd dream you don’t want to wake from.

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