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Ear to Ear Records- Revolution: The Shoegaze Revival

Courtesy of BandCamp via Ear to Ear
Courtesy of BandCamp via Ear to Ear

Ear to Ear Records (UK), that specializes in indie, shoegaze, and dreampop bands, alongside with Indonesia label, Gerpfast Kolektif, came together to compile The Shoegaze Revival, featuring 30 bands from 16 countries. A truly diverse immense of sounds coming together to celebrate the art of shoegaze and psychedelic rock from the past to the present. Joe Foster, Ear to Ear Records, explains that this is “rebirth” rather than a revival. “Why do I refer to rebirth instead of revival? In contrast, a *rebirth* in the same period gave us such bands as The Cramps, Primal Scream and Cocteau Twins – what a range!! And such a huge and wide world of music…this is exactly what is happening again in a new and unexpected way! 30 bands from 16 countries worldwide…an unprecedented spread of hope and art.”

It might be hard to have 30 songs revolving around the same genre without sounding repetitive. Luckily, the track placement balances and compliments each sounds as the album progresses, introducing different countries interpretation of a reoccurring sound that holds a special place in my heart. There are personal favorites, yet there isn’t one track that doesn’t complete the overall sound and purpose of this compilation album, and every song is beautiful in their own way. A well-thought out album for the music fiend and shoegaze lover.

[bandcamp  width=400 height=472 album=1732919363 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=f171a2 artwork=small]


FEATURED BANDS by country: CANADA-UKRAINE (Ummagma) / RUSSIA (Sounds of Sputnik) /  UK (Lights That Change, Woziak, Blood Lips) / CHILE (Trementina) / ITALY (Stella Diana, Clustersun, Rev Rev Rev, Weird) / JAPAN (Ether Feels, Magao, Spool) / AUSTRALIA (Hideous Towns) / USA (Stellarscope, Slow Motion Picture) / HONG KONG (The Yours, Thud, The Evening Primrose) / PAKISTAN (//orangenoise) / BRAZIL (Duelectrum, Robsongs) / PERU (Puna) / GERMANY (Jaguwar) / FRANCE (Hermetic Delight) / INDONESIA (Intenna, Sharesprings, Damascus, Digilite, Seaside)

PERSONAL FAVORITES: Thud “Lime”  / //orangenoise “Puking Rainbows” / Digilite “Dance of Angeles” / Stella Diana “Isabeau” / Lights That Change “Theme 1 Stage 3” / Jaguwar “Muffhead” / Slow Motion Picture “Opening” / Puna “Trasnoche” / Duelectrum “She doesn’t feel the sun” / Hermetic Delight “Funeral Party”


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