Discover Indie-Electronica: The Many Sides of LYLOH


Courtesy of LYLOH via Facebook
Courtesy of LYLOH via Facebook

“The most honest version of myself is what I listen to and what I think is going to feel right,” says LYLOH, of her debut EP expected to be released by the end of this summer. Inspired by Canadian electro-pop musician, Lights, and a particular summer of Warped Tour, LYLOH- an independent artist from Rancho Cucamonga- became more inspirited to pursue the courage to produce her own music. Coming from a musical background, LYLOH took to piano training at an early age, and later to guitar, when constructing her songs. A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to sit and chat with the political science major and future law student, at The Coffee Bean in The Claremont Village, to discuss her debut single, “Come Undone.” An electronic ballad paired with  self-therapeutic lyrics, a somber and hopeful lull in vocals, and upbeat electronic beats, that could sum up a “resolution” in one’s life as a summer anthem.

The overall meeting and talk with LYLOH was one of my most enjoyable chats with an artist. Upon getting my coffee, we casually made our way to the outside patio area and talked before hand the interview. The girl in front of me was witty and eager to talk, making the conversation a natural flow, between making me laugh. Slight nervousness appeared yet seemed to vanish as she was simply being herself. Thinking it was a joke, that the girl behind the moniker LYLOH, would be leaving soon to study law, added more to her unique resume. “I think I picked the worst time, the absolute worse time to pursue music; 3 months before I start,3 months before orientation,” says LYLOH, “ I joke around and say ‘ I have to make it by this deadline or I have to go to orientation.'”

Among being an intellectual beauty, the young artist contradicted herself and left a trail of irony upon first glance, and admits that “whatever is going on right now is such a polar opposite.” On one hand the business side studies law, while the art and emotional side seeps through music. Not expecting such humor paired with this choice of major, (if I would guess), alongside the deep lyrical content, added a genuine flavor to the track and intriguing trait to LYLOH herself; possibly being one of the few honest outlets of expressions.



“Come Undone” contains so many different elements of an emotional heavy song, an insight for the listener  while they cross a reminiscent path as the song progresses. The beginning piano hook mirrors the emotional angst, while she is going through the memories, one might say she gets lost in the memories, which is interpreted through the overwhelming cluster of sounds, the overwhelming clustering of thoughts. Once it is all over, you’re left with a simple beat, stronger than how it started, and simple as the thoughts quiet; a resolution.

“The one thing that I want people to get, or understand, or maybe strike a chord with when they listen to my music would probably be maybe you’re not alone in feeling the way that you do. I think a lot of people, and especially for artists, I think that they display their loneliness  in their work and maybe are surprised when people feel the same way about certain things, or certain experiences, and so I hope listeners will get and understand with this music is that you are not alone in the way that you feel if you relate to a song or a line or the way a chord is played or something, that’s important to me…this is the music that represents who I am.”

While LYLOH never ceased to surprise me throughout our conversation, there was another side that added to her unique resume and personality. A side that balances the emotion and intellect and showcases through humor and being down to earth.

“I’m also a part-time rapper…so, that’s a thing also in the archives of the internet. You can find one of my songs rapping. My rap name is Holly Kitty, like Hello Kitty…but Holly Kitty; got it in high-school, I still live up to it, so let me know if you ever want me to freestyle for you.”

“Right now.”

“Right now? Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, ok give me a beat, give me a beat!”

And during the 30th minute of our conversation, I gave LYLOH a beat in the midst of my coffee breath, while she ‘spit’ to the haters.

“So if the music thing doesn’t work out…”

“We still have this…I’m banking on this.”


Check out the full interview above as well as Holly Kitty’s rap by the 30th minute of the audio, alongside LYLOH’s social media pages, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter,  to stay updated on her new music.

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