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Garage-Pop: LA LENGUAS ‘Tears In My Milkshake’ EP Review

Courtesy of La Lenguas via Facebook
Courtesy of La Lenguas via Facebook

Built on a foundation of garage and lo-fi sound, fused with influential doo-wop,pop, LA LENGUAS- Christopher, Jacques, Zak, Dash- have somehow blurred the lines of these sounds, with sultry vocals and lyrics about heartbreak that will either send you down a long drive reminiscing, or on the beach dancing. Recently released on Burger Records, and recorded in a garage in Highland Park, garage-pop rockers “born in the New Orleans swamps and baked in the Los Angeles sun,” have brought a different change of pace, than the “beach goth” that exploded through Burger, yet still with a finer vintage sound that can be traced back to the roots of the label.

The EP in general is catchy and filled with pieces of different music influences swirling around the lo-fi and doo-wop sound, which makes this EP interesting to the ear. The first track, “Love You All the Time,” isn’t what I expected from a band from Burger. The track contained the upbeat, and lo-fi garage qualities while making it stand out with the vocals, and the honest lyrics of losing someone you still love. Who would’ve known heartbreak would be so catchy?

The pairing of these low vocals and upbeat demeanor seems hypnotic. On the next track, “She’s a Flake,” the feeling sorry for yourself emotional drive is gone and replaced by 60s guitar, doo-wop background vocals, and 80s new wave, low, vocals crooning how “she’s a bad habit.” Ending the EP is a typical doo-wop modernized song, “9 to 5,” and while the overall song is just as catchy, the first two songs truly separate LA LENGUAS from other bands that reproduce this style.

Tears in my Milkshake are far from a salty and bitter taste on romance, but a fun approach on two different styles of music that in the end, simply make one feel good.


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