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Alternative Rock from Toronto: Bismark- ‘EP’ Review

Simply known as Bismark- Joel, Joe, Kev, Nick, Shane – write “songs about things” from Toronto, Ontario, in the form of alternative indie-rock, fuzz. Their latest EP, entitled, EP (these gentlemen get straight to the point), features 3-tracks of sounds that echo from the mid 90s. While each individual piece of their work may be dissected and pointed as sounds that have been, and could be done, the overall construction makes Bismark a band to anticipate new music from.

The guitar that opens the song “Candace” reminds me heavily of a riff from The Smashing Pumpkins, and embodies the similar melancholy flavor while building up towards the climatic endeavor of the track. This is the perfect example of how an old sound can be redefined and enjoyed; key feature that throws off the sweetness of the song, would be the off-key vocals that make the song what it is. Yet, the standout track from the EP would be “Pigs.” Vocal execution delivered in the beginning similar to Thom Yorke, paired with an insistent bass, skeptical and beautiful drumming, and experimental layers, produce a sound that hails to be repeated.


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