Thanks, Hugs, and Music: Recap Featuring Favorite Artists

Celebration is still at large, filled with gratitude, and a recap of the artists I have discovered throughout this journey, and some that I have not yet featured, that I absolutely love, from locals, resurfacing artists, and in general, great music.

With that said, to all my subscribers, casual emails of “I love your work,” to the submissions I receive on a daily basis, I humbly thank you, with more than appreciation of sharing or being a fan, but of trusting your own art with my voice on this self-made platform. Also to people that I have met on the way, and whom I feel that I can now call “friends,” and of course the men behind Pomona Revival, for being secret superheroes, and providing the occasional, motivational push in the right direction.


Top Picks

  • The Violet Mindfield: Hands down, must be one of my favorite local bands. I caught half of their set more than a year ago and started on a mission to catch a full set of theirs. Always forgetting their name, I assumed if I would just return to the scene of the crime they would show up again, and to my luck, they did. Once I stopped being a fly on the wall and actually engaged in conversations with them, I got to see how they are just as enjoyable off the stage, as on, among extremely talented. Favorite Tracks: Colt 45, Have Any Secrets? Forever Wherever (actually anything they ever made).
  • Naïve Thieves: About the same time I was “stalking” The Violet Mindfield, I came across Naïve Thieves, and couldn’t get over how “clean” and different their sound was, in comparison to what was blowing up in the local music scene. A year later, I finally got a small interview with Cameron Thorne (vocalist),in anticipation for new music. I’ve never been disappointed at a show of theirs, regardless of any type of environment. Favorite Tracks: Anxiéte, Sold Short, Tragic & Magic, Wake Up Now, Grindin’


  • Wax Children: Hearing this band for a while but never really paying much attention, changed as they resurfaced into my radar and I rediscovered what made this band amazing to witness live. At the current moment, they are going through some changes, but I’ll always be a fan of their music. Favorite Tracks: the whole “Angst,” album, and the “Dreamsick/Safe Hands” EP
  • Iris: Thanks to Justin of Pomona Revival, I discovered this band. It was instant love. I still cannot believe how Michelle Malley can belt out those notes, and perfect it every time. Truly, a collection of talented individuals. Favorite Tracks: The Good Stuff (and some new music that I haven’t gotten the names of yet).


  • Dabble: Being a fan from their first EP, I always felt that there was something more to this band that would be shown in time. Never disappointing, their second release, II (2015), blew my mind. Live is even better, especially a favorite cover from The Cranberries, as Danielle Evans does the song justice. Favorite Tracks: Small Talk, Starting to Forget, This Nightlife, Telescopes, Robin’s Dream Sequence. Fun Fact: I always called the keyboardist Jacob, or “hey you,” due to horrible memory problems, and assumed he hated me…for future reference it is Jordan, and he’s magical on the keys.


  • Children: “While I Still Have My Youth,” is permanently embedded in my brain. Besides that song, I did fall in love with their latest album, The Great River (2015), lovely gentleman spreading their love around…that sounded wrong, but you know what I meant. Definitely an impact on my own personal music collection. Favorite Tracks: All to Myself, Incantation, Skin You, Doowaddadoo, and of course, While I Still Have My Youth.


  • Dead Bedouin: One of the first locals I introduced to KSPC, and glad I did. I always have said that their live performances are extremely better than what is available from their EP, and hopefully in the future they capture this energy on audio. Last week, they finally released a new single, “Ivory,” and the quality, intro, and soft jungle vibes transmitted, is enough to put one in a right state of mind. Cheers boys. Favorite Tracks: Progress, and other unreleased tracks that are only available live.



  • Dharma: I’ve been meaning to share their music since their Sea Nothing (2014) Album. Los Angeles locals, offer a unique perspective on alternative music, tranquil melodies that are raised by, at times, angry vocals. Soft influential sound of the punk side of new-wave heard on their tracks. New track recently released a couple of days ago, “The Rain,” offers a more refined sound, holding on to an eerie state of mind, that holds anticipation high for new work yet to be released. Favorite Tracks: The Rain, Dry


  • Smoke Season: I have had the pleasure of watching this band grow and it brings me joy. Finding themselves, and sound, on their musical journey, they have a unique blend and much to offer as their success continues to flourish. In addition, here is their latest new music video for “Bees.” Favorite Tracks: Opaque, Bees, Simmer Down


  • MNDSGN: Stones Throw never disappoints. When I first stumbled across MNDSGN, and his sets, there was something special in his transitions and mixes. To the first song, “Camel Blues,” off of his YAWN ZEN album, MNDSGN’s  music washes over the senses. Favorite Tracks: Camel Blues, Sheets,
  • Tuxedo: Stones Throw, again. This whole album is on another level of reinvented funk, pure bliss. At the end of every day, this album is bound to de-stress anything I encountered. Favorite Tracks: The whole album

Keep sending me submissions, I adore you all.




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