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Dreamy Alternative New-Wave From Argentina: Camión ‘Los Mares’ Album Review

Beauty of languages  This is overall the feeling with Camión, an alternative band from La Plata, Argentina, that combines dreamy elements and shoegazing techniques in their music. Laureana Buki Cardelino (guitar and vocals), Fernando Belazaras (bass), Mauro Cardelino (guitar), Mauro Aramburu (drums), and Juan P Luzuriaga (analog synthesizer), make up Camión, and are led by Cardelino’s soft feminine vocals. A couple of weeks ago, the band released their 10 track album, Los Mares (2015), and it ranges from the typical new-wave music, to sound-defining, beautiful tracks.

The album starts with a familiar guitar riff, within the first twelve seconds on the track, “Viajar a Otro Lugar,” and later rises to a fuller sound, provided by the synths and bass that carries Cardelino’s voice. Translated, the song makes many sea references, later heard on other tracks, and makes the comparison with the waves of the ocean, implying the notion of “wherever a person is going” that they are coming with “me.” The next track, “Lanus,” follows the same momentum, with a heavily reminiscent trait of the 80s.

Solo Puede,” is one of my favorites from the album, for its honest state that is told within the lyrics, as well as felt, in the slow drive of synths, and guitar strings being plucked. As other songs progressed, a notable feature were how deep the lyrics were, yet there was some repetitiveness. “Solo Puede,” breaks away from this and offers the beauty that this band is capable of producing, with lyrics that are simple and as beautiful for this slow-tempo track. The overall bass riffs that start “Latitud” must be praised, while the song is upbeat, still thriving on the new-wave sound that the band embodies. Another track where distortion, and bass are the primary sounds of worship, is “El Camino,” one of the band’s more aggressive sounding song, with some English lyrics weaved towards the end. With so many astronomical references and sounds as well, this trend continues with “Niebla” which  stands out in comparison to other songs on this album, for its different approach.

Camión’s sound is a familiar old love, hailing to new wave and 80s post-punk, with dreamy vocals and guitar echoes that become memorable trademarks of the band, and a distinction in this album.




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