World Music: Zizi Adel /زيزي عادل

Music. The universal language. There will be times I stumble across a song that finds it’s way into my heart purely derived from the melodies and feeling that the artist is trying to convey. This is what happened when I found Zizi Adel /زيزي عادل , and her song “Disadvantages Kteer.” Unaware of what she was singing in the song, I fell in love with her voice and the soft, Spanish- like guitar, embedded with beautiful world music that Adel sings, as an Egyptian singer. With the help of a fellow member on SoundCloud, I was able to get the title translated and hopefully lyrics in the near future to share. Not sure what the exact message that is being conveyed, but I can’t help but feel relaxed and lost in the catchy, rhythmic, melodies. If you’re feeling adventurous, enjoy the sounds of the world.

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