Discover: Eryn Allen Kane


Eryn Allen Kane will reach places within your soul you didn’t know existed with her jazz, and blues infused soul track, “Have Mercy.” Kane, born in Detroit, and raised in Chicago, contains something so genuinely beautiful on this track, it seems effortless in her approach. The background vocals that act as a church choir, are the softness that surrounds Kane’s build. Within the track, Kane will reach every peak of her vocal ability, from the low, soothing murmur, to the exasperated tone, one thing that is never far behind is the sincerity of emotion. Noted that the only forms of “instruments” that are featured on this track, are harmonics by voices and finger snaps.

This is merely the track. The video contains another feeling that Kane delivers perfectly through this minimalist perspective that is shot in black and white. Kane embodies something simply beautiful in an artist that I miss in music these days. Beautiful in every way, I truly wish that Kane will get the recognition her talent deserves.


3 comments on “Discover: Eryn Allen Kane

  1. best song i’ve heard all day,i feel her music on my spine…..very powerful


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