New Alternative-Indie Songs That Must Be Heard

In the mood for new indie-alternative music? Here are some of the great tracks that have been released this month, and week, from artists from the UK, Sweden, The U.S., and Australia. Enjoy the tracks, and artists that should be given a further listen.

Courtesy of SoundCloud Via Great Hare

Great Hare “Only the Birds” – Berne Randulv (Bass, Keyboards, Vocals), Anders Holmström (Guitars), Kalle Mogren (Vocals, Guitars) and Lars Olausson (Drums), bring sweet indie music from Gothenburg, Sweden. “Only the Birds,” is a soft, and sweet melody, perfect for snuggling with your lover on a rainy day. The harmonica, and the drumming towards the end of the track, are key features that make this track enjoyable and memorable.



Courtesy of Facebook via Little Racer
Courtesy of Facebook via Little Racer

Little Racer “Montevideo” –  Simply known as Elliot, Ish, Wade,are the trio known as Little Racer, come from NY, and spread their indie-surf melodies on their laterst track from their upcoming EP, Foreign Tongues, expected to be released June 16th. “Montevideo” combines the carefreeness of the surf-esque elements, with soft, and playful vocals.



Courtesy of Facebook Via Fiction

Fiction “Best Before” – Mike Barrett, Nick Barrett, James Howard, David Miller, and Jacob Smedegaard, hail from London with their track “Best Before,” from their new EP, Instant Memories. This is a delightful indie-pop track that has ear pleasing, quirky melodies, and self-reflecting lyrics. The way this song starts would be my favorite part, including the short, halting, new-wave styled vocals; a must hear.



Courtesy of Facebook via Canine Club
Courtesy of Facebook via Canine Club

Canine Club “It’s Not Like That (Demo)” – This is only a demo? Instant love. Harry and Redwood are an indie duo from Melborne, Australia, and “It’s Not Like That,” is the equivalent of a light-garage rock flare from The Strokes. Self-described as “surf” and “indie,” I would definitely lean towards the garage rock and indie side heard on this track. The bass, drums, and vocals are perfect. The chorus will be embedded in your head, and if this is the demo, I can’t wait for the final version (though I think this is gorgeous as is).



Courtesy of SoundCloud Via Gengahr
Courtesy of SoundCloud Via Gengahr

Gengahr “Heroine” – Alternative Rockers from London, Felix, Danny, John, Hugh, bring us “Heroine” from their debut album, A Dream Outside, set to be released on June 15th. Unknown Mortal Orchestra like vocals, without the psych that is flooding the streams as of late, with catchy, and dreamy like guitars, and adorable lyrics that are wrapped up in a neat track, with standout guitar riffs that are begging to be a hit. Listen and enjoy this one.


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