Artist to Watch: Yeek ‘Sad Summer’



Summer. It will make the best and sometimes, the worst memories and feelings. Los Angeles artist, Yeek, crossed these emotional boundaries, implementing a bitter sweet melodic piece entitled “Sad Summer.” With hip-hop underlying inspiration, the beat is as simple as a beating heart, paired with a guitar, that embodies the emotional tone Yeek is trying to convey. Short and vivid lyrics don’t hide the real depth and mindset that follows the story, while the song becomes an instant soul hitter that resurfaces memories one has tried to drown, with the repetitive line “it’s gonna be a sad, sad summer.” Anticipating more music for Sad Summer, which includes the self-titled song, and “She’s Cool,” by this July, Yeeks honestly and production makes him an artist I am looking forward to hearing more releases soon.

3 comments on “Artist to Watch: Yeek ‘Sad Summer’

  1. amazing write up!!


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