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Alternative Pop Duo: A Silent Film ‘New Year’ EP Review

Courtesy of Facebook via A Silent Film
Courtesy of Facebook via A Silent Film
Alternative-pop duo, Robert Stevenson (vocals, piano) and Spencer Walker (drums), better know as A Silent Film, return with their EP New Year. The four track EP provides a softer side of music, with heavy themes interpreted between catchy melodies and new-age synths. The duo originally from Oxford, UK, came to the U.S. to record New Year, which was self-produced, and also collaborated with Matt Wilcox, while the EP was mixed by The City that Sleeps producer, Sam Williams (Supergrass).
While only being 4 tracks, the EP sustains itself to the alternative-pop wave Stevenson and Walker delivery effortlessly. “Paralysed” the first song on the EP, is a melodic, and pop-anthem that is easy on the pop elements, besides being incredibly catchy. While the song is upbeat, and welcomes exploration of different sounds, synths, and pitched drums, the lyrical content seems heavy;in regards of being helpless and infatuated with a person. Picking up on the same structure of an anthem, the track that proceeds entitled “Tomorrow,” captures strength and the same tempo as “Paralysed.” This is another great track that is memorable and has potential for listeners to love it quickly. 
The EP slows its pace with the last tracks “Strong Enough” and “Message in the Sand.” “Strong Enough” doesn’t sound generic, and has a great build, and chorus, involving catchy drums and upbeat keys, while the message behind the music is uplifting. Closing the EP with “Message in the Sand,” isn’t a personal favorite, yet individually broken down by music and lyrics, the content is wonderful, just not personally preferred. Though I know others will appreciate the soft keys, and melancholy vocals lulling within the story.

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