What Not To Put On An Album Cover

“I try not to judge a book by it’s cover, and take music for what it is, music. There also might be arguments that the presentation is part of the artists’ story, as a whole, and taken with the music, which at this moment isn’t the issue here., although we can all admit marketing is involved.The real question at hand is why on earth, the universe, and the holy realms of the darkest secrets of your mind would you put a close up of a colon with visible traces of feces, as your album cover? WHY?

Exploring deeper would be the meeting for the discussion of said album cover.

“What represents our sound? “


“But we’re more than that…so much more.”

“Remains in a colon.”


This does not make you more metal or “punk rock.”

Through the scrolls of my usual search for new music, I will admit that at times the cover either invites me to take a listen or to skip and not even bother. Safe to say, the close-up of the expanding colon was not really representing my feeling for the day.

Here are more that I encountered, today, as I browsed on-line, that SHOULD NOT be on an album cover. I obviously did not attach the pictures since these are new artists (at least get a hit first and people who will love you no matter what).


  1. A colon: opening, closing, zoomed in, zoomed out, bedazzled- NO. Especially with little chunks of fecal matter sprinkled like chocolate chips.
  2. A meaty, veiny, penis: Not funny like in SuperBad, just disturbing.
  3. A vagina: Chewed Bubblegum. That is all.
  4. A clown: I hate clowns. Especially the close-up of a clown with pointy teeth and blood oozing out from the mouth.
  5. Revived 80s metal stereotypical poses, hair, and use of angles and cheap effects: It didn’t do well in the 80s either.
  6. Dead animals: Dude, C’mon
  7. Anything that makes you look stupid: Just be yourself…unfortunately stupidity might be yourself, so I apologize in advance.


At the end, the question is, what wouldn’t you mind being forever associated with your name? And..does this represent the sound, artist, idea?

Because it will follow you forever. Like these:

boing boingtaste of dick blackpushjackson


poohman sseguk


2 comments on “What Not To Put On An Album Cover

  1. Those album covers have made my eyes feel like they have just seen my parents having sex. Sadly almost all musical genres descend into cliche….


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