Grit. Rock. Blues: Discover The Modes

Courtesy of SoundCloud via The Modes
Courtesy of SoundCloud via The Modes


The Modes –  Dan (Vocals, Guitar) and Jon (Drums, Synth)- are an Alternative Rock duo, from Brighton, UK,  that combines the harsh sounds of rock, and textual grit of blues-rock, hailing back to their similarities of  The Black Keys earlier albums, and being told that this is what The Black Keys “should have been” (Rock Britain Music Blog). Using each of the members background over the course of the years, such as Jon’s  jazz drumming background, “using different 3/4 and 7/4 over common time blues riffs,” and Dan’s guitar playing- using different pedals, 3 amps, multi-tasking and “becoming the bassist,”- The Modes have tuned in to each other’s talent and cultivated together a heavily missed sound of loud rock. Tracks available on the band’s SoundCloud vary from the short instrumental demos, the typical hard-rock, to well-crafted energy being fed from each of the member to the listeners ear.


Risk Taker (Demo)” are one of the few tracks that implement vocals through the catchy riffs, and gritty, powerful drumming, not to mention the break by the third minute that exemplifies the intensity of the guitar building up towards the end.


Swings And Roundabouts” is a full jam fest that should be heard.


This Arvo” starts off with a soft haunt as it builds up to hard-blues rock, one of the tracks that can easily pin-point their influential sound Jack White and The Black Keys.

The Modes Official Site



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