Australian Indie-Pop Artist, Melwonderland, Debut Single ‘Games’

Courtesy of Facebook Via Melwonderland
Courtesy of Facebook Via Melwonderland

Melwonderland, an Australian songstress who taught herself piano and guitar at the age of 13 as a form of “escape” during what she refers to as a “difficult upbringing,” debuts her single “Games,” in the form of somber pop music. Inspired by the sounds of Lana del Rey, Lorde, and FKA Twigs, Melwonderland liquefies those influential sounds, with a more personable, and relatable backing voice.  While “Games” does contain a similar structure of traditional pop music, there is something that sets this song apart, and leads to diving further, rather than dub it strictly “pop.”

The track sets around the notion of the games played while being in love, and begins with a steady beat at Melissa’s soft, and assertive vocals tell the story. Hinting with a essence of a smooth R&B sample, the keys, and small texturizing synths are what leads the song to it’s catchy form. Yet, if we would strip away the music and listen to the vocals and lyrics alone, this is where the line is drawn away from pop. The tone of the voice empathize with the lyrics, and make the song relatable, sincere, and not a commercial bubblegum pop song. As pop is not my cup of tea, there is something genuine behind this track that leads to enjoyment, and the will to share. Melwonderland seems to contain a hint of magic within herself, when she makes this type of genre worth exploring.


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