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San Diego Band Crocodiles Return With Latin Flavor: ‘Crybaby Demon’

Courtesy of Facebook Via Crocodiles

Courtesy of Facebook Via Crocodiles

It’s been two years since San Diego based band, Crocodiles, released any new music since Crimes of Passion (2013), and with great anticipation for new music, the band recently released their single “Crybaby Demon,” from their upcoming album Boys(2015), expected to be released on May 12 through ZOO MUSIC. Brandon Welchez, and Charles Rowell, recorded their fifth album in Mexico City, soaking up musical influences from Mexico and Latin culture. “Crybaby Demon” is a clear definition of their inspiration from the time of recording, and salsa rhythmic qualities, as well as a Latin flavor path taken by the garage rock band. Flawless execution, fusing their original sound, with well embedded drumming, and overall flow. Take a listen and enjoy!
Crocodiles have also released their track listings for Boys:
1. Crybaby Demon
2. Foolin Around
3. Do The Void
4. The Boy Is A Tramp
5. Hard
6. Blue
7. Kool TV
8. Peroxide Hearts
9. Transylvania
10. Don’t Look Up

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