Blues and Alternative Rock From London: Palace – ‘Kiloran’ Single Review



Courtesy of Facebook Via Palace
Courtesy of Facebook Via Palace

Somewhere in the broad genre of Alternative Rock, Palace breaks away from this silhouette, with soulful guitar riffs, blues embodiment, and vocals that possess the natural ability to reach deep inside the listener’s soul, effortlessly. From their first EP, Lost in the Night, Palace’s underlying and overall construction of songs have been crafted with care and emotion, as each track is as memorable as the next. Leo Wyndham, Rupert Turner, Will Dorey, and Matt Hodges are the men behind Palace, and come to us from London, as they bring us blues and rock in the best way possible. In preparation for their latest EP, Chase The Light, Palace released their single, “Kiloran,” as an unveiling for the newest sounds to be anticipated. Based on this track, and previous work, nothing but perfection is to be expected.

Listening to “Kiloran” for the first time, is instant love. The trickles of the bass that is audible as the chorus beats with feeling seems unrealistic by the amount of emotions able to be stirred up with minimal effort. Under 5 mins, strewn with a faster upbeat approach, than the previous songs, “Kiloran” still holds on to the alternative rock effect and blues influence that defines the sound of Palace. Vocals that once again are low, throaty, and yearning for more, scratch a person’s head and guide them on a melodic dream in correlation to drumming properly executed. Adjectives do not hold justice of the track, nor the band.

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Worth checking out is the band’s first EP, and in particular the track, “I Want What You Got.” To this day I will be unable to describe what this song touched within myself, and that may be the mystery and beauty of the track, as well as Palace.



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