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Compilation Album: Alt-Melodies Vol. 4- A Lonely Ghost Burning

Cover Art Courtesy of  Áďa Vychopňová
Cover Art Courtesy of Áďa Vychopňová

Within the music community, and in the realm of music journalism, there are projects dedicated to sharing the gems of music found in the world. A Lonely Ghost Burning are one of these projects, driven by the community, that focuses to support “music we believe in.” Recently releasing Alt-Melodies Vol. 4, the compilation of various artists features 11 artists ranging from alternative, indie-pop, to the hard rock and grunge embodiment, in a well-blended mix of new music discovery. Take a listen and enjoy each artist, hopefully discovering a new-found love along the way, and in support of all artists, and storytellers alike. We are all a community of one for the universal language of music. Thanks to Jamie for taking the time and putting together this great group of artists, for a perfect flow of melodies.

Artists Featured: Leggy, Varsity, The Daddyo’s, Whitebridge, Father Mountain, Iris, Janelane, Mercury Girls, Great Grandpa, Dunes, and Blonder.

For more information about any of the artists featured, along with other compilations, please visit A Lonely Ghost Burning.

Leggy – “July”:  Sweet punk-pop band from Ohio starts off the album with their track, “July” taken from their album Nice Try (2015). This track is catchy from beginning to end, easing in heavier guitar riffs and punchy drums with a soft, and airy, voice, effortlessly skating across subtle distortions.

VARSITY – “Amanda”:  Rocking from Chicago, VARSITY comes to bring soft power-pop chords, with subtle hints of garage rock traits, in a light surf-pop sound for the track “Amanda,” from their self-released and self-titled album, VARSITY(2015).

The Daddyo’s – “Crop Top”: Hailing from Tulsa, OK, The Daddyo’s redesign retro influences in in catchy hooks, dubbing the description of “sunshine pop,” and living up to the title. “Crop Top,” off of Smother Your Brother(2014),  evokes sunshine and dreaminess in a bottle under 2 mins.

Whitebridge – “Willow”: Jersey boys bring us good ol’ rock from their self-released and self-titled album, Whitebridge (2015). “Willow” relies heavily on screamo techniques and emo-rock popular in the early 2000’s, without being too overbearing with screams.

Father Mountain – “Bones”: Indie-Alt rockers, from Owensboro, KY, bring emotional driven lyrics and vocals, on the track “Bones,” taken from their 2014 self-released album, On Leaving & Being Left Behind.  The intro for “Bones” slowly sets the tone as it builds into the emotions, rising and falling, and great drumming throughout the track.

Iris – “Stay Away”: Grunge band from Covina, CA, shine once again with “Stay Away,” from their self-released album Nectar (2014). Polished, heavy, and dark lyrics swarm the track, as the climatic and the intense backing of sounds brings out the somber and powerful vocals.

Janelane – “Mary Jane ( You’re Much Too Special To Be Mine)”:  Los Angeles, power-pop band, Janelane, bring us “Mary Jane,” from their Peaches and Cream (2015) album, which doesn’t stray away from innocent and playful  melodies.

Mercury Girls – “Golden”: Indie-pop  brought to our ears from Philadelphia, PA, with the track “Golden,” taken from Demos (2015). Soft pleas to not break a heart, to the color of an eye, Mercury Girls deliver simplicity.

Great Grandpa – “Cheeto Lust”: It’s hard to describe the classification of this song, in the midst of off-timed guitars, catchy drumming, and a controlled, lovely voice, that has a hint of Karen O. This is a track, taken from their Can Opener(2015) album, is a song that you can’t help but fall in love with, and sing about Cheetos on a sunny day.

Dunes – “1875”: A track that can be placed among other artists off of the Burger Records Label, bring us light melodies, catchy riffs, and a jangly atmosphere.

Blonder– “Yellow”:  Mellow Indie tunes brought to us from Milwaukee, WI. “Yellow” captures the beauty of life in under 3 minutes, in between a soft-driven chorus.


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