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Toronto Based Producer XELΛRΛIN – CΛVEWΛVE EP Review

Courtesy of SoundCloud Via XELARIAN
Courtesy of SoundCloud Via XELARAIN

XELΛRΛIN, or the man behind the moniker, Dawid Gocek, is a producer from Toronto, Canada, and brings out the true definition of ambience, and lo-fi beats, by his own clarification dubbing the term “cavewave.” Built around XELΛRΛIN’s  simple description to “stimulates one’s thoughts,” and by allowing listeners to “alter their conscious state,”  XELΛRΛIN is able to take the listener on a self-interpreted journey, guided by well placed samples, heavy drums, and experimental sounds, evoking the zoetic aspect of a human being. Gocek’s inspiration is drawn from artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Shlohmo,and an artist Gocek discovered through GirlUndergroundMusic, Iris, noting that the “darker, emotional vibes, hit a spot” within himself.

The 9 track compilation, CΛVEWΛVE EP, truly embodies all of this, while not becoming stale of repetitive sounds. The first track from the EP, and the first single, “Indighost,” has an intense build up of sonic waves and doesn’t reach a peak until almost the 3rd minute, of darker sounds and feels. Small samples from beginning to end, mirror flashbacks of a day, or event, a person is having, and throughout the 5 minute track, recollects the journey. The beauty of this music, along with music in general, primarily ambience, is interpretation. Multiple listens change my feeling of the song every time, with my own view on what I felt, as it will differ from each ear.  In my opinion, “Indighost” is a simple, and meaningful track that will haunt someone in a blissful manner; perfectly incorporating the residue left behind by a person, and the sounds of travel while being a “ghost.”

A notable element of style exhibited by XELΛRΛIN is the textured layers he adds within each of the tracks. Even while some songs may sound simple, and easy going (which is the first art of ambience), the intent behind the minimalist design within these layers give each song more depth, enough to go back and analyze mere sounds ( the second art).

The next track on the EP, “BlackComb,” picks up on the heavier and darker emotions and counters it with a sample of vocals and well-known lyrics of The Commodores “Easy.” The distain, and simple heaviness of the song, slowly progress with fluidity as  “Easy like Sunday Morning” is crooned along. A controlled song that follows the track list is “ToasterBath.”  Not one of the deeper tracks delivered, but perfect for it’s own purpose of an easy-going backing track on a beautiful day. Worth noting a change in consistency of frequencies  by the 2:47 minute.

Aside from “easy-going,” the EP begins to delve deeper into XELΛRΛIN’s “cavewave” genre. “Cubensis” can only be heard and felt as being trapped in an audible cubic field. The different levels felt in this song are atmospheric. I consider this one of the more intense tracks on the EP, drawing from many different dimensions.

I can’t get enough of the next track,”Escphoria,” it is beautiful, and another personal favorite from the EP. Noting the title, I assume, references the psychedelic. The song makes an effortless mimic, as an after effect the conscious may go through on a psychedelic trip. Starting with a gentle female voice singing, “I can’t believe everything (everything),” this sets the tone for the unrealistic sensitivity on a trip. The coarseness of audible crunches balanced with the smoothness of the layered vocals could only be compared to emotion and logic settling on the same playing field.

TexasBlue” shares similar qualities as “ToasterBath” for its stability, while “PinkSlip” secures a lighter beat and catchy sound, drawing on more astronomical tone. “Weed+Games” is another track worth admiring for its obvious influential “video game” sounds, meshed with an off sounding percussion. The different backgrounds of cultures blended together on this track are clean and well thought out, including the slight pause by the third minute that takes you off guard. Wrapping up the EP is “WhoreAbduction” and I couldn’t be more pleased about the conclusion of EP with this track. Different approach to start off the song, which is immediately attractive. The eeriness felt within word association of an abduction is felt within the keys, and ringing samples, taking you back to reality for a split second. The execution is amazing, including the intense the ending that sums up XELΛRΛIN as an artist, sound, and the idea.


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