Psychedelic Rock and Pop Blend: Talk in Tongues, Spires, Temples, Empires, Pond and More

Because it’s Easter and I’m taking a mental vacation from reviews…

Talk in Tongues “Still Don’t Seem To Care” – Currently residing in Los Angeles, producing a Tame and Impala-esque track that is better than the new Tame Impala song. Yeah, I said it.


Young Rapids “What R U Saying” -From Washington, DC, they make the “sound a blender makes.” One blender I would like for my fruits. This song is a climatic twist of indie-psych-pop, with a memorable voice.


Temples ” Colours To Life” ….JUST LISTEN


Mark Ronson- “Daffodils (Feat. Kevin Parker) – Funk, psych, rock, fused together with delicious layers and featuring Kevin Parker. Can’t get enough of this song and I hate to bring this up again, but this is also better than that new Tame Impala song…and it has Kevin Parker…enough said.


Pond “Zond” – Australians do it better. Just listen, it will not disappoint.


White Arrows “8050 (Superhumanoids Remix)” – This remix needed to be on the list for the sheer fact that it kicks ass.


Empires “Please Don’t Tell My Lover” – Dripping from the 80s indie-punk and heavy synth-rock era, Chicago rockers produce a great track that will definitely be forever lodged in your head.


Sunbeam Sound Machine “Wandering, I”  – More Australians. Nick Sowersby is just amazing. This track is the epitome of astronomical and an ethereal bliss straight to the heart.


Spires “Sleepy Eyes” – Psych-rock and melodic layers.


Nocturnal Company “Lost Your Way ” – This isn’t psych at all, I just like this song. Alternative- rock trio from Albuquerque, NM. Heavy message, yet this track picks up on catchy riffs, and a sweet melody.




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