Pure: Wolf Alice – I Saw You (In A Corridor)

Thanks to Music Unmasked for this lovely acoustic track by Wolf Alice.

Music Unmasked

“If you get there before me . . .”

Wolf Alice - I Saw You (In A Corridor)

Yes ‘Giant Peach’ was awesome and it displayed the energetic, rocky edge of Wolf Alice but I cannot help but adore the B-side to ‘Giant Peach’, appropriately titled ‘I Saw You ( In A Corridor)’.

As Wolf Alice display their acoustic talent, it reminds me of the perfection they delivered in another initially acoustic single of theirs, ‘Blush’ (reviewed here).

Now we hear just Ellie Roswell, her acoustic guitar and an impassioned ballad of love.

As she tones down her vocals to a sweet, solemn tone, ‘I Saw You’ displays the intimate sensitivity of Roswell leaving an echo of raw, unblemished sentiment which is painfully beautiful.


Available for free, click here.

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