The Sting of Ambience: Smoke Season’s New Single ‘Bees’

Courtesy of SoundCloud Via Smoke Season
Courtesy of SoundCloud Via Smoke Season

Smoke Season, the duo of ever changing sound, evolved from their dustbowl soul to the electro soul realm, immersing new and old for a unique audible experience. Their latest single,”Bees,” released today and produced by Davis Burris and Kyle Draper, was teased days ago, in honor of lead singer, Gabrielle Wortman’s birthday, as “new releases” coming up within the week.

“Bees” holds reminiscent traits heard on “Opaque,’ from the band’s Hot Coals Cold Souls EP (2014), and in addition to their slow migration to a heavier electronic sound, the duo didn’t stray too far from their original quality, that can separate them from other artists capturing similar sounds.  The track immediately begins with a relaxing and ambient atmosphere as Wortman honeyed seduction slowly begins to lull you in closer to the sting.  The simplicity of the song’s structure within the first minute can only be admired as careful consideration and placement, with help from Jason Rosen’s sweet guitar, and low and smoky background vocals. Smoke Season’s noticeable trait is in delivery, and is no stranger in producing intense climatic pieces in their music, while not stepping over the line of generic or too much. By the chorus, the atmosphere and tempo rises, as the electronic textures and amazing vocal ranges by Wortman engulf the listener right to the very end; impossible to get the honey without the sting.

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