Name The Band- SXSW DeTour

Courtesty of Facebook via Name The Band
Courtesty of Facebook via Name The Band

Brazilian rockers, Name the Band, still on their Flash Flood USA Tour have decided to make a small detour this Sunday and head over to Texas for SXSW. With a new song on deck, “Cotton Candy,” and a successful album Just Add Sugar under their belt, the band adds a bit of western interpretation on their new single that will please the crowd in Texas.

Great to have met these talented and motivated individuals and wish nothing but success on their future endeavors. Along with their new single, I’ll leave the video for “All In.” Simply shot, showcasing lead singer and guitarist, Zeh Monstro, getting various fruits, paint, and even punches, thrown at him, without flinching. A motivational theme to not give up and “go all in.”





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