Lolipop Records and SXSW Explosion Tour



Courtesy of Lolipop Records
Courtesy of Lolipop Records

SXSW 2015 is just around the corner! Another spotlight will be on Lolipop Records, the vinyl store that holds more than a place for music discovery on Glendale Blvd, near the Echoplex, in Los Angeles. Formed in about 2011, in Orange County, because there is nothing to do in the O.C. (which at times, I will vouch for that), Lolipop Records is a place for a community, a way of being, and a culture of music to revive Los Angeles, created from local dreamers. Among other great bands that I personally enjoy under this label, such as, Thee Oh Sees, Froth, and Mystic Braves, and Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel, Lolipop Records have some great bands heading to SXSW that should be checked out.

Corners – Topping the KSPC charts for the week of February 15, Corners’ album Maxed Out On Distractions (2014), is garage,post-punk, and hints of new-wave elements sweetly blended.


Adult Books – Lo-fi, indie-punk. Their self-titled album doesn’t have one bad track, nor sound like a typical ‘Burger Band.’ One of my favorites; great vibes, energy, and construction heard in all tracks.


Winter –  “Dream-pop,” light, and shoe-gazing, ear pleasurable melodies.


Psychomagic – Garage band from Portland, that combines surf-rock, and psychedelics in their music. Highly addicting. The ranges in vocals varies from different tracks and is delicious.


The Electric Magpie – San Francisco, folk-60s, retro mod rockers, blend all of this in a delightful way. If more of a folk aspect you’re looking for, this is the band to check out. Use of synths, sitars, and other 60s inspired sounds.


Colbat Cranes – Beautiful vocals, light shoe-gaze techniques, fused with dreamy 60s psych. Beautiful is the only word that could be used.


The Sloths –  Founded in 1965, yes 1965, when five boys, influenced by the British Invasion and garage rock that was starting in the world, decided to make music in Hollywood. 50 years later, they “crawled back from the dead” and were revived. Having opening up for The Doors, and Pink Floyd, by 1966 they died out. Still holding onto their dream, noting that it isn’t about “the money, but the art,” the band is now on tour. Check out the original sound from that time that so many bands are now replicating.


Kim & The Created – She kicks ass. She wears the best outfits on stage. That is all.


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