Making Movies Bring Awareness to Domestic Violence in New Music Video ‘Lo Que Quiero’


Making Movies, a Latin Alt-Rock band from Kansas City, teamed up with a non-profit organization to bring awareness to domestic-violence, on their latest video for their song, “Lo Que Quiero,” off of their debut album A La Deriva. There isn’t much I can say about the dark and honest value of this song, the band, and the album in whole, as well as the message being conveyed, so I’ll let the music and the band’s words speak for themselves. BUT the only thing I will say, worth saying, is that we are all connected, in every way. Besides making great music that I adore, Making Movies’ choice to share this story, and shed a light on an issue through their music, is a reminder that we are all not alone, no matter what the issue at hand may be. Stories affect us all, and connect us all; they shared this, I’ll share their music.

“While hosting a youth music program with a local non-profit, I came across numerous stories that inspired and informed the music we made on our debut album, A La Deriva. Those stories, along with some of my own experiences, also led to the making of this video—the first in a series of vignettes that follow a narrative of an immigrant Latin American family as it falls apart in the United States.

In Kansas City, many immigrant families live in neighborhoods disconnected from social services. Additionally, the cyclical struggles of addiction and domestic abuse are amplified when thrown into the mix of a family that is undocumented. Even when help is needed, children grow up with an apprehension toward finding it. Feeling a responsibility to shed light on some of the concerns of my community, I am eager to share with you the A La Deriva video series.”
– Enrique Chi (vocals / guitar)

Resources for Domestic Violence:

The Latina Domestic Violence Project
The Mattie Rhodes Center
Casa de Esperanza
The Domestic Violence Resource Network

Making Movies


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