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Garage Rock Revival: Made Violent- EP Review



Courtesy of Made Violent Website
Courtesy of Made Violent Website

Rock is not dead. Joseph White (bass,vocals), Rob Romano (guitar) and Justin Acee (drums), are Made Violent, and have managed to be one of the bands emerging with this sound that has been desperately missed. The trio from Buffalo, New York, all under 25, have fused their long hair, fuzzy guitar distortions, attitude, and at times, aggravated, yet sexy vocals, into basic hard, garage rock. Reminiscent of the early years of The Strokes, truly embodying the garage rock revival, Made Violent’s sound and attitude are part of this new rock revolution that seemed to die out by 2007.

After the release of songs last year, such as “You had it easy,” and “Talk about it,” the anticipation of the EP was high. This past February, the garage rockers released their self-debut EP, Made Violent (2015), which is a five track compilation that does not disappoint.  The entire EP will not stray away from its high volume and energy.

Is it possible to fall absolutely in love with music and a voice? The first song off the EP makes this possible. “Two Toned Hair,” a two and half minute track that rests solely on heavy guitar riffs, and intense drumming rhythms, with the help of upbeat cymbal clashing for intensity, is built around the lyrical value of honest and young attraction – primarily focusing on a girls’ “two-toned hair.” White’s vocals are the epitome of their garage sound, and range from the raspy scratch, to wailing, with a carefree approach as he sings, ” Cuz girl you know I’m crazy about that two-toned hair.” Making a smooth transition, “On My Own” picks up right where “two toned hair” left off. Heard through a fuzz-box, the song also displays subtle background vocals, and a notable range from White, that clearly displays more than distressed vocal peaks.

Dirty” is dirty; fast-paced lust, temptation, and gritty guilty pleasure. Not being able to control the thoughts from “all the girls walking down the street,” the song revolves around excited and exasperated vocals that pique interest with its blunt lyrics: “Well, alright / you know I’m feeling dirty tonight / and so will you / I want you to.” The control of the drums, and bass, that adds subtle backing, balances out the song perfectly. Making another reference about being a “rolling stone,” and noting White’s “charming tone,” this song has all the elements of youthful bliss. “Inside Out,” is the definition of new rock revolution. Besides the uneasiness in the lyrical charm, the high paced drive, the short-halting vocal approach is amazing – versatility in the band while maintaining their raw sound. The last song to wrap up the EP is “Wasted Days.” One of the only tracks to make the bass audible, which is a pleasure to finally hear and feel. “Wasted Days” are course and raw emotions, without straying on the side of juvenile complaint: “Talking to myself, but no one is ever listening.”  The explosion heard by every instrument on this track ends the EP on a high note.

Hearing Made Violent for the first time, is like discovering a cherry cordial; its a mess and you can’t help but want more. The EP represents an earlier sound and a way of being, revived and trimmed for today’s youth, and all generations, who love the rawness of garage rock. Not one track disappoints and through this revival, the outlook for greater things are yet to come from this band. Also catch them at SXSW March 19th, at Red 7 Patio, and Maggie Mae’s in Austin, TX.

“We can’t wait to hop in our shitty van and drive across the country to play for anyone and everyone. Two things really matter to us – making as much good music as we can, and touring as much as we can. We never want to stop doing this.” – Rob Romano courtesy of Made Violent

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