UK Hip-Hop Artist: Antix- ‘Come Home’ Single and Video Review

Antix, the stage name for Alex Nimier, hails from London, England, and brings his own “brand of soulful hip-hop” to the music world. After releasing two albums, Flammable Grammar (2010), and Question Everything (2013), Antix returned with his new single, “Come Home,” and the emotionally heart-driven video.

The song itself is truly touching, lyrically, pointing on the frustration one may have in life, the confusion, and the overall feeling of being alone, with a reassuring voice, provided by Antix, that regardless, you can always come home. The track’s jazzy approach, provides more soul to the song, and paired with Antix’s smooth voice as he raps and sings the chorus, is equally as pleasing.

The video seems to follow a young man with a mental illness. Walking the streets alone, to shots of him with his family and the depression he is going through. The rise and fall of the young man seems to take its toll with the family, as he leaves and wanders once more, getting into trouble. Yet, at the end of the day, the family doesn’t stop looking for him, nor welcoming him back with open arms, despite it all. A message we all could take a lesson from, and keep in mind when dealing with the trials of life.

Global Antix



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