SoCal Mermaids Dominate: The Aquadolls- ‘Sinus Infection’ Music Video

Are the 90s back? Black and white, long blonde hair, scarlet lips, combat boots, and seductive fierce feminine attitude. Not a flashback to the riot-grrl era, but merely Melissa Brooks and The Aquadolls’ new video for their song “Sinus Infection.” The L.A. locals and Burger Band Mermaids have raised their stature this year, with the help of their successful album Stoked On You(2014), and bring gritty attitude and surf-rock with “Sinus Infection.”

All shot in black and white, the video shows intimate close-ups of Brooks, enticing the view in a dangerous way, in sync with the lyrics. Shots will also appear of Ryan Frailich’s hands shredding on the guitar, as The Aquadolls rock out through the course of the video. The song, in comparison to other tracks, is mature, versus typical teenager angst, and shows the fiery side of Brooks, while staying calm and collective. Towards the end of the video, the silhouette of Brooks, and her combat boots, are seen stomping and moving, along with her hair being tossed between the light.  The Aquadolls rise is far from over, and with them they are bringing their “mermaids and dolls.” As much as I am a fan and very much enjoy this song, and video, my only concern is why is it suddenly under the name “Melissa Brooks and The Aquadolls” versus “The Aquadolls?”

Here are a few of their upcoming shows coming up featuring Burgerama and SXSW this month.

March 13th – Echoplex (Los Angeles, CA)
March 14th – Stong Hold Warehouse (San Diego, CA)
March 18th – Spider House (Austin, TX)
March 19th – Pearl St. Co-Op (Austin, TX)
March 21th – Hotel Vegas (Austin, TX)
March 29th – Burgerama (Orange County, CA)

Courtesy of Facebook via The Aquadolls
Courtesy of Facebook via The Aquadolls

The Aquadolls Facebook

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