Music Lifeboat: Providing Free Music Education to the World

“Music is a Human right.” – Gustavo Dudamel

This is the philosophy behind Music Lifeboat, an organization created around the central idea that every one is entitled to a free music education. With so many cuts in the music education, and the correlation between music and greater achievement, both academically, and in day-to-day realities, Music Lifeboat has partnered with Pasadena Art Council, in hopes to change current and future generations through music. They are an international and non-profit organization that creates innovative apps and web-based lessons, based on credited and professional musicians, Professors, and talented engineers, who came together for this idea: free music.

Founded by Los Angeles local musicians, Brandon Bernstein (DMA, USC) and Terry Carter (MM, USC), whom each already volunteered at other music organizations, providing their time and knowledge to the under privileged in Los Angeles, came together for a cleaner vision to reach a larger scale globally, with the use of technology. Bernstein and Carter each having an extensive amount of experience, Bernstein being a jazz guitarist and current music educator at Pasadena City College, and Carter being an author, educator, composer, and producer, offer more than their knowledge to this great idea. In addition to musical knowledge, the technical side provided by Scott Loring (MS, Stanford), who is a computer engineer, and has provided work for theme park attractions for Walt Disney Imagineering.  Along with them, they have countless of other volunteers and staff members who offer their talent, time, and dedication to a non-profit organization, which you may read about here.

All funding for Music Lifeboat are based on donations through, Indie Go Go, which also includes “perks” with each donation.

BandBlast will be the app providing tutorials and games as part of the music curriculum.

  • 350 instructional videos, showcasing 13 instruments and world-class philharmonic and studio musicians with a highly developed curriculum.
  • Innovative games (rhythm, pitch recognition, note reading, ear training).
  • Backing tracks and recording capabilities with real instruments.
  • Innovative gameplay/artwork/composed music.
  • Each lesson or game can be accessed separately in practice mode, or the full version of the game can be played, where each chapter contains multiple videos, rhythm and pitch games, and a recording track to ‘unlock’ the next chapter.

Sample Video:


In the future, the app will also be translated into 36 languages, and fit those with special needs, such as “hearing or visual impairments.”

They understand how important music is; along with its power and the right the world has to obtain. People like these, along with the people who donate their money as well towards this project, are true innovators. These are the people that should be in the news, and I am a full supporter of this organization, the idea, and vision, and wanted to share their story with the world, as they share the universal language; music.


Music Lifeboat






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