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Future Boogie: Cannons- ‘Spells’ EP Review

Immediate attraction to music is a magical occurrence- this being the case for the future boogie band from Los Angeles, Cannons. Their music is more than electronic sound, more than catchy beats, it’s mellow funk that crept its way onto the dance floor and into the back of your mind. They eloquently refer to what they do as simply bringing “future boogie” with “sexy, dreamy, drenched-in-melody grooves.” Ryan Clapham (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, Production), Paul Davis (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, Recording, Production) and Michelle Joy (Vocals, Keys, Recording, Production), are the trio that delivers these surreal melodies. Their latest EP, Spells (2015), is an enticing fluidity of sounds that lures for more.

If familiar with Cannons earlier work, safe to say you’ve never been disappointed. The idea behind the 3 track EP, Spells, are magic and seduction. “Evening Star” starts off the EP, with a simple guitar, then grows in sound as Joy’s voice lulls you over an incredible bass. As the song progresses, and in sync with the lyrics, “I wanna to take you high / into the night,” eccentric and astronomical sounds blend with Joy’s dreamy voice. “Spells,” the next track, is nothing less than bewitching. This is the song to back up their claim of ” sexy, dreamy, drenched-in-melody grooves.” The perfect pairing of vocal execution, lyrics, and a steady groove, this song is pure seduction. The guitar solo towards the end is another element that sweeps you off your feet, worth mentioning. Wrapping up the futuristic love spells, “Night Verses” closes the EP. Dreamy, with an exploration of sounds, “Night Verses” is slightly more upbeat versus the other tracks. “I can’t face the night with you on my mind” are some of the honest lyrics being directed without an answer, paired with the song’s euphoric melodies.

L.A.’s future boogie commanders, raise the notch for simple chill-wave, with well-crafted beats, lyrical seduction, a voice that entices, and rhythm that resonates for days. Spells is simply magic, it must be.

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