‘Música Para Sanar El Alma’: TZE-TZE- Electronic Vibes from Mexico

TZE-TZE is an electronic band from Ciudad Satélite, DIF, Mexico, whose music is centralized around ambient chill vibes and embodies tranquility throughout their music. Pablo Ceballos (Vocals/Midi/Acoustic Guitar), Marlon Kaplan (Synth/beat), and Julio Alvarado (Acoustic Guitar), are the creators behind the idea of “Música Para Sanar El Alma” (music to heal the soul). Despite the majority of songs sung in Spanish, this isn’t a problem for those who do not understand the language- the music speaks for itself. The beauty of the language and the execution by Ceballos can be heard and felt on all tracks.

From the vast collection of music that they have available it is hard to narrow down a specific album or collection from the group. The recent album available is Música para sonar (music to dream), and it is a 6 track compilation of easy-going and smooth waves of emotions. Balancing out the synths, electro beats, and relaxation, TZE-TZE deliver a wide range of experimental ambient songs, never sounding generic or alike one another.

One of their standout tracks that serve not only as a representation of their sound, but the abilities and creativity of the band, would be “…I LIVE YA (Elsa P./chiwi/ Pablo C).” The vocals are reminiscent of the 80s new-wave dark sound, intertwined with samples, and gloomy synths. The overall deliverance offers a bigger sound and cinematic approach.

The band also offers English on some of their tracks such as “Easy Come,” along with the Spanish version, “Facil Va.” These are one of the most relaxed tracks perfect for lounging on a lazy day.

Pushing their musical envelope, yet still holding on to the ambience of their sound, “Despierta (Petra Lerma and P. Ceballos, feat. P. Ceballos)” offers more of a foundation of a beat, and an audible use of a guitar on this track. Once again, despite the title being in Spanish, the lyrics are in English, a notable feature of the band’s use of both languages, appealing to all audiences. Bilingual use in music also has the ability to delve further into different meanings, and the sound itself of the language that fits each track specifically.

TZE-TZE describes their music perfectly in relation to a dream. The use of both, supports music’s universal language approach, and TZE-TZE’s use of simplicity to intricate layered music, conceptualize music that you can feel.

More Suggested Tracks: “We Can Find” and “Ride On” By (AGMEN) Featuring Sory Ceballos, “EME Y EME,” “The Ultra,” “Morgan 1.0” and “En Coche.”
Sound Cloud TZE-TZE

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