The Whiskey Circle- Family. Folk Music. Love.

“The Whiskey Circle is a family, be it by blood, by marriage or just the common bond of good music.”

Leanna May Patterson and Bret “Puck” Patterson are not only husband and wife, but musical partners, who bring us Country Indie-Folk, from San Diego, as The Whiskey Circle. Meeting at a venue, where Bret would do the booking, and Leanna May a singer in a band, the Patterson’s always shared between them the love of music. After the break-up of Leanna May and the Matadors (former band), the couple continued with their music simply as a duo. Leanna May refers to the new music as more “mature,” as they are currently working on their full length album, yet the two available EP’s are well-worth the listen.

Their self-titled EP, The Whiskey Circle (2014) is a 5 track compilation that is an honest mix of music that ranges from Americana, 60s psychedelic swirls, folk twangs, and a country heart. “Shadow Valley,” is the first track of the album and embodies a country psychedelic ballad. “Sweet Darlin’” is an instant hit- honest lyrics of anticipating for one’s lover to come home, carried by a steady drum beat, and a catchy love fueled chorus.

The EP switches between Bret and Leanna on vocals, and even showcases a slower-blues duet, heard on “Body and Soul.” Yet, the standout track would be “Lines.” This track not only is refreshing, it leaves a sting. Folk music washes over, and builds throughout the song. Disdained and emotionally charged vocal peaks by Leanna May, with low backing vocals provided by Bret’s baritone voice, builds a song that illustrates the sound and union to represent themselves; the sound of The Whiskey Circle. The country twang and blues feeling cannot be overlooked, along with the synergy felt between vocals.


The Blue EP(2014) only contains 2 tracks, and is yet another side to the band. “Don’t Walk Away,” is the recommended track. Leanna May naturally contains a twang in her voice and certain songs will compliment it better, such as this one, and the simplicity in the music helps exemplify her voice’s lightness. The musical breaks of shoe-gazing essences, blues-style approach on the pedal steel, and melodic pieces, create a well crafted track.

Overall, the duo creates music that is felt, a noticeable quality heard in every song. The Whiskey Circle stay true to themselves and express their love in the best language- music.


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