An audible explosion of colors: MisterWives Debut Album ‘Our Own House’

MisterWives are more than a typical Indie-pop band; this is a colorful, audible experience that is the band’s fusion of their influences and own interpretation. The album ranges from dance tracks, reggae roots embedded on some tracks, and pop-funk and soul, that are bound to lift any spirits. The very catchy album, released today, has been highly anticipated, and along with their music influences, they have fused electro-pop throughout every track. The five-piece outfit from New York, came back with determination and exceeded expectations from their Reflections EP.

Our Own House,” leads the album off to a climatic page. The track begins slower and soon explodes into a funky-dance anthem, with casual soft breaks, showcasing lead singer Mandy Lee’s vocal range carried by the horns. “Not Your Way,” picks up off on the catchy momentum and seems like a continuation of the horns, parading the song. It doesn’t take long for the album to take a slower and darker side and “Reflections,” seems like the song to deliver. Yet, the transition soon builds to a funk-fused dance declaration. Lee’s high notes will take you by surprise in the best way possible.

A quite notable feature of the album is its creative push. Every track exceeds the notion of sounding generic, and properly showcases MisterWives’ sound. One of the best tracks, “Oceans,” would be a clear interpretation of their influences and transformational creative outtake. A slower and mellow track that embodies smooth reggae; from the drumming and guitar picking, to the vibrations felt in the vocal push executed by Lee. It begins to pick up during the chorus and recedes back to the smooth and easy-going nature of the song.

Best I Can Do,” draws back to the upbeat and pop-funk qualities heard throughout the album. “Hurricane,” is reflective of that to a hurricane. Starting off slower and rising to this indie-pop storm, that doesn’t drown in excessive and useless sounds. “Coffins,” is a heavier track, lyrically, and in its musical approach. The simplicity of this track displays the beauty and the track’s weight. “How do you soften / the thought of carrying coffins?”

No Need for Dreaming,” starts softer but gets quickly flushed with electro-pop synths. “Box Around the Sun,” begins like an 80s new wave track and once again builds into a disco-dance scene. Drumming, guitar riffs, and the electro-fused elements produce a well-polished sound. “Imagination Infatuation,” is an instant toe-tapper and dance party. The idea behind the lyrics are sweet but what is unique about this track would be the guitar fuzzed beneath the distortion and the playfulness in Lee’s voice. Pay close attention to this track and the funky-break slayed by the band.

As the album reaches the end, MisterWives throw out more of their creative and unexpected turns in the end. “Vagabond,” relies heavily on Lee’s power-house vocal capabilities over the keys and a steady beat. “Queens,” would be a radio-friendly, pop sensation. Containing everything needed to produce a hit, and strays away from their usual experimental funk-pop, with a slight R&B ballad essence.

Anticipation is high for this album and the band, as they continue to push their sound with each track. “Our Own House,” is an obvious product of pushing these musical boundaries and expanding themselves, sound, and into their own name.





5 comments on “An audible explosion of colors: MisterWives Debut Album ‘Our Own House’

  1. I was dancing to this album all night; It is fantastic. I cannot wait to see them next Wednesday!


  2. I am seeing them at the High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI. It is a smaller venue, perfect for dancing! They have music there practically every night, so I always try and get there at least twice a week.

    Madison has a lot of amazing venues (The Majestic, The Orpheum, The Barrymore, The Frequency, just to name a few favorites), and we have been lucky enough to get some amazing artists to come through town!

    I’m also close enough to Chicago and Milwaukee so see pretty much every band I want to see. In fact I’m heading down to Chicago this weekend to see The Growlers. Have you ever listened to them?


    • You should write a review on it! That would be amazing, I want to travel more and check out venues like the ones you mentioned.
      Of course I know of The Growlers (beach goth was very big at the radio station I work at).

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