SXSW 2015: Where are all the artists at?

Everything is bigger in Texas, these are the facts. Festivals are no exception, especially for Austin, which is beaming with culture in every teaming way possible. From the Austin Psych Fest, ACL, and the well anticipated SXSW Festival, which is less than a month away, the glorious city of Austin immerses its show-goers with a wave of culture explosion. For those unfamiliar with SXSW (South by South West), it is an annual music, film, and interactive festival that has been in motion since 1987. Musically speaking, this is a great opportunity and thrill for bands who will take the stage for the first time, as well as a place for new music discovery.

Every genre has a time to shine, and it’s impossible to try and track down the best alone, so any artist that is playing, I want to know. Some artists information is still not updated on the site, so if you are playing, the world wants to know why you are playing. Any art is a self-rewarding act, yet recognition makes it that much sweeter.

With that said, send me band information, links, and it will be up for consideration to be featured right before the festival. In addition, add what led to this point and what is the one thing you want an audience to get from your music. There will be a feature a day for SXSW Music Artists, so lets do this!





Festival Dates:

Interactive: March 13–17  •  Film: March 13–21  •  Music: March 17–22

For more information visit SXSW

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