Nordic Giants: ‘Rapture’ Ft. Beth Cannon- Operatic Dark Rock

Nordic Giants. A triumphant and climatic rush of sounds, deriving from basic human feelings that seem to be lost in translation. The creativity to tell the story is the true talent of Nordic Giants’ cinematic approach, and by far one of the most unique fusion of sounds I have heard this year. A duo, primarily instrumental, whose outlandish and unique on-stage performances, go hand in hand with the vast amount of sound and energy they produce, have also toured with God is an Astronaut, sharing similar musical structures. A SÉANCE OF DARK DELUSIONS, is the operatic, dark-rock duo’s debut album, that will be released April 6th, on KSCOPE.

First single, “Rapture,” released a little under a month ago, is the right amount of heavy and light ambient texture that builds into this great “operatic rock” ballad, that swarms with fury, similar to a perfect storm. Beth Cannon’s voice is that sweet lull that pulls you in closer to the eye of the storm; and at times can be haunting.

No other words can be used. High expectations for the album.

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