Flyway at Fox Event Review: L.A. Witch ‘West Coast Tour’ with The Violet Mindfield, Pearl Charles, Dead Bedouin, and Runson Willis III

L.A. Witch came to the Flyway at the Fox Theatre in Pomona, Wednesday February 4th, for their “Drive Your Car” West Coast Tour and performed with locals, such as The Violet Mindfield, Pearl Charles, Runson Willis III, and Dead Bedouin. The Flyway at Fox is a great venue located in Downtown Pomona, that is on the fourth floor with a spectacular view. Among that physical attributes, the lounging area outside is as beautiful as it sounds. It’s spacious and provides enough room for social interaction, and once actually inside the venue, the atmosphere aims to please and on top of everything else, the sound is incredible. Enough to appreciate the artists, yet manageable to hold a conversation.

Starting the night were Hacienda Heights/La Puente locals, Dead Bedouin. A four-piece band consisting of Brandon Harb, Michael Garcia, Nikolas Bobluk, and Andrew Fructuoso. The group fuses experimental psych rock, or as they broke it down, a “funkgaze and desert-dance” interfusion. The first song of their set, entitled “Bedouin,” lived up to their distinction as “desert-dance,” providing a strong track to start the night. Once keyboardist, Fructuoso, took off his jacket, inclination that something special was about to happen. Providing that extra punch, he turned to a baritone; creativity of the psychedelic-dance band, properly showcased. One thing that I may mention, this is a band that must be witnessed live due to a certain amount of energy displayed, and newer tracks, that aren’t available on the EP Ebb and Flow (2014).


Next up was Runson Willis III, member of Blac Jesus and the Experimentalists, performing with his new project The III’s. If familiar with his work, there is a great amount of soul, especially when witnessed live. Along with his natural aura that is felt on stage, he blended basic rhythm and blues, and executed simplicity at its best. Willis had a way with interacting with the audience, something that drew you in closer. End result: these are songs that are just felt; description wouldn’t come close.

Half-way through the night, and following a great set, was Pearl Charles. Getting “pre-witchy,” Pearl Charles, and her “hippies,” dipped their heavy influence on a psychedelic 60s daze in the room. Fronted by  female vocalist, Charles, the combination of her effortless approach in singing, was also silvery, airy, and beautiful, in a soft way. After once again, opening up for L.A. Witch, performing with them the previous day on Tuesday in San Diego, no trace of being burnt out was displayed, and this fact exemplifies not only their dedication, but driven talent that more people should witness.

Finally, L.A. Witch performed, although not closing the night, due to being on tour, and heading out to Arizona the following day. The Los Angeles three piece all girl rockers, Sade, Irita, and Ellie, haunted the crowd with grunge, mix of garage punk, and executed by their dark 60s demeanor. Witnessing them perform is as alluring as being in limbo between good and evil; unable to walk away. Notably worth watching is the drummer, whom in my opinion allured the attractiveness during the set.


Closing up the night would be The Violet Mindfield. I have never been disappointed by a show performed by this band, and John Duran (vocals, guitar), Sean McBreen (bass), and Charlie Morales (drums), once again continued to excite and entice with their retro-rock influential sound. The trio played notables such as, “Forever Wherever, Have Any Secrets?” and “Colt 45,” a track that I was unable to find and can only experience live. Earlier in the evening I had the opportunity to meet the members and admit to secretly stalking them from show to show, as well as discussing their music. The shyness of Duran overwhelms me in disbelief, for someone exemplifying so much on stage- a diamond in the rough clearly shines during performance. All in all, the humbleness of each member makes being a fan cherishable.


A great appreciation to all bands that performed on Wednesday, some having multiple shows in the same week. Great determination that is exuded on stage, as well to all the people that stepped out of their homes to indulge in great music within the community.



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  1. Nicely designed music and entertainment blog. Love the energy. I especially liked learning about Pomona and LA Witch.

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  2. Thank you for the kind words! Also for stopping by :]


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