Honours ‘Blue Light’ – Music Video Review

Straying away from their 80s and 90s influence on indie-pop, Honours “Blue Light,” not only showcases the London based band’s ability to produce different types of music, but also sheds a different point of view on the band.

The video itself is shot in a reverted way of perceiving, or better yet, its visual direction. In addition to the melancholy music that immediate overwhelms your senses, the cameras’ focus is the key element in the video. It starts off with the camera panning the view, to better grasp the atmospheric approach, and follows boots as they walk in the mud holding a gasoline can.  Then there is a close-up of lead singer, Stephen Hughes, who consumes the majority of the screen, yet he is out of focus the entirety of the video, while the background is what is in focus for the viewer to watch. Reflections of flames are seen strewn across Hughes’ blurred image, while he sings. The other members are assembling something in the background, using twigs and branches, while flames in the distant, held by women, are seen coming closer to the scene. The actual project of what is being constructed is cleverly placed behind the focal point of Hughes’ head, not allowing the full disclosure till the end.

Musically, the simplicity of the piano and the distress in the vocals, blend for the a deeper and somber ballad, and at times, haunting, in addition to the black skies above. Interpretation will be unique for each individual who gets to listen to the song, another beauty to the music.


Overall Raiting: 4


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