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Chasing Rainbows With Henk Jonkers – Album Review (Tracks listed)

If we would combine the influential music presence of John Lennon and Lou Reed, put it in a retro blender, with a touch of Dutch magic and American “grooviness,” it would produce the sweet blend of music of Chasing Rainbows. “Henk Jonkers,” the debut album by Chasing Rainbows is a refreshing retro-pop fused album, heavy on the sweet lull of the 60s. Hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands, Chasing Rainbows is a 5 piece band, who also is based in Santa Barbra. This gives them a well-rounded take on the 60s era from each end of the world, which is pretty unique.

Time to Get Up,” is a light, and airy song, that is chock-full of inspiration, and an idea of what Chasing Rainbows is about. It is enjoyable, yet I wish they didn’t start the album off with this song. The next song, “Make Love Caravan,” would be my choice to start off With Henk Jonkers. It is a great fusion of their sound, focusing on this retro, and almost similar British-Invasion-esque and 60s retro vibe.

As the album progresses the next rack takes it down a step in emotion, and is an acoustic ballad entitled,”Without You Around.” It’s based on a heavy feeling of remembrance and distant, with great background harmonies towards the end of the song, primarily on an acoustic, and bringing it together with orchestral effects. “A Time That Might,” is much more upbeat, and catchy. Combinations of fuzzy guitars and off-key vocals in the back bring this song together. This will be the song that will live up to a small dose of their alleged “rock and roll groovieness” and influences that they have. One of my favorites.

I’ll Cross The World,” mimics similar qualities I have heard in Steve Burns’ work on the vocal aspect. Lyrically, it might be a little silly with lines such as “and I have really stinky farts / can you live with that? / sometimes I smell like crap,” yet it is clear that this is a song about love, and for love, silliness is included. Musically, it takes an approach on the indie-pop with mellow guitar riffs.

Singing Leaving,” transports you to the shores of Hawaii, or to the soundtrack of an Elvis Presley movie. This is one of those feel good songs and you can’t help to sing along. Crooning in the back, along with “shoo-bop” sums up the essence of this song.

Terry Sue,” starts of  folksy compared to other tracks on the album, yet then transitions into this space-electro phase as “terry sue” is sung repeatedly. This notable transition makes it stand apart from similar folk-pop songs in the indie genre and worth the listen. We then go back again to silly love lyrics heard on “Waterfront Love,” which is another love-based song, a notable theme with honest lyrics “you’ll stick around / even if some shit goes down.” Leaning towards a mellow feel is “Cast a Spell,” which questions the feeling and skepticism; “too good too be true.” Basically the last resort of it all is to “cast a spell” on the individual because that’s all he can offer. Wrapping up the album is “Losing You.” It is an interesting way to end the album, since it opened on such an upbeat track. Losing You though holds special qualities and is another favorite. Going back to the sounds that Chasing Rainbows are fond of, which includes retro and slow guitar chords, mixed in with electro keys and loud synths.

Chasing Rainbows, produces their own version of 60s pop with modernization embedded in the tracks, retro vibes, and of course slight quirkiness, that is worth the listen if this is up your musical alley. Some tracks provided by ReverbNation, yet for full album, listen on Spotify.

Chasing Rainbows Music

Overall: 3.5

2 comments on “Chasing Rainbows With Henk Jonkers – Album Review (Tracks listed)

  1. Thanks Janette! This is one of the most thorough reviews of our music that I have read. I have great respect for someone who takes the time to thoughtfully reflect on what they have heard. Your review also gives my own thoughts, creativity and insights great validation. Making this album was a huge challenge, but it was one of those things we just had to do. I have always felt that’s why it’s important, because it wanted to be made and dragged us along through the process. Stay tuned, more to come!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, and actually share the review. I was feeling a little bit discouraged of the daily tasks I choose to do, yet comments like this make it worth it. Wish you the best, and keep making music.


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