Starting Your Year Right- Feel Good Playlist

Intentions of this is to bring the music community together, and I especially enjoy feedback and music suggestions from my listeners. Here is a quick playlist from listener Rick, his reasons, and a short description provided by myself. Enjoy!

“This is a very diverse but none the less an awesome playlist to start the year. With most of the songs being upbeat and a happy-go attitude, my intention is to lift your mood and tackle the New Year with a smile upon your face. There are a couple of songs that will make you move due to their catchy grooves. I also included some chill songs like Amelia’s Theme to remember those good memories left of 2014. My name is Rick and I am a rock-a-holic. I love music, hearing it for the most part, but I also try to create some. I like to write poetry, work on cars, and I’m also a future worker in the Alternative Energy field.” -@rick_arola

  • The Crawls- “No Time Left” –  Two piece band from Kyiv, Ukraine. Heavy garage rock with a blues soul.


  • Howlies – “Zombie Girl” – From Atlanta, GA, “Zombie Girl,” is up-beat, garage rock, with a “rock n’ roll” vibe. Extremely catchy; telling a girl to not eat his brothers.


  • Slow Hollows – “The Pool” – L.A. locals. This song brings that teenage “summer” and easy going vibe; alternative indie-rock with soft vocals. Love the “ooo” -ing on this song.


  • Sticky Fingers – “How To Fly” –  From Sydney, Australia, these boys dish out delicious smooth, mellow, reggae.


  • Work Drugs – “Temporary Life Lines” – From an “abandoned pier on the banks of the Delaware River in beautiful Philadelphia, PA” this song delivers smooth indie-pop, with a relaxing beat.    


  • Young Stadium Club- “We All Got The Word To Say” – From Poland, this song is indie-new wave and chill-wave together for smooth sounds and mellow vibes.


  • Dead Lagoon – “I Want You” – Duo from Singapore, develop beach-mellow music. “People always say they want to hear / but f*ck them too / I want you.” To be able to say this with a smooth, little do-wop beat from this lo-fi duo, and not even notice the swear word is a gift. Bass is so prominent on this track.


  • Observer Drift – “Warm Waves” –  From Bloomington, Minnesota, this is one of those summer night songs. 80s feel. Beautiful.


  • State Of The Art – “You Are Always” – From New Braunfels, Texas, these boys made a great indie-rock song to make you feel. The early 2000’s and the “feels” return; great hook.
  • Adam Snow – “Amelia’s Theme” – DJ/Producer from Washington, DC, made the next track with love. Effortless flow; easy going transitions, and a clean production. Simply beautiful.


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