Aubergine MACHINE- Sundown: The Duo of Feel Good Vibes


Augbergine Machine, the duo from Florida, fuse the right amount of “feel good vibes” and create an aura of a perfect day on their latest single, “Sundown.” This musical creation is a collaboration of renowned multi-platinum selling producer Ian Carey, and vocalist Shanti Ellis, which captures their many different musical background influences such as House, pre-EDM, No Doubt and Vampire Weekend. The duo refreshed “Sundown” with well blended motions of electronica and funk-pop to capture a crisp and relaxing sound.

 The video itself is as visually relaxing as the music being cascaded away. Directed by Augbergine Machine, they feature themselves in South Florida showing the world what they feel, implementing beautiful shots of lush, green scenery. “A lot of people only have glossy South Beach images of the Miami area, but there’s so much more. We like to go inland and just be in nature, it’s very inspiring. That’s exactly what we did to shoot the music video for the song, we wanted to show a different side of SoFlo. We even decided to produce and direct the video ourselves as we felt otherwise that inspiration might get lost.” 

Staying true to themselves, the video is an intimate and real portrait of the duo. Features Ellis in a white, beach based outfit, singing to the rays up above as Carey is casually dressed, representing Florida, and banging on the “bass and drum” in between the trees. The beat is simplicity at its best while Ellis’ voice carries the vibrations, and Carey’s influential production of house can be heard and felt on this song. Lyrically, is the last piece to this electronic sound of “warm and breezy.”  Unity and the “spreading of love” is the message being heard. Loving life in all it’s beauty: “and when we’re sun kissed brown / so drunk with the sound / we bang the bass and the drum / because the night is young / and we live for fun.”




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