New Music Tuesday Playlist- Folktronica and Folk Love

Folk, Electronic, and Folktronic love. These are new singles that should be given a listen, since some were forgotten in 2014 and resurfacing as of now. Centralized about love and loss, that are designed to make you “feel things,” yet fusing the right elements to cancel out any depression the lyrics may have caused.

  • “Until You Find Me” by TeamMate – An upbeat and quite dance-y track; reminds me of the styles of “The Drums,” and it has such a catchy drum beat and background vocalization that makes you sing along and instantly brings up your mood.


  • “Welcome to Love” by Young Ejecta- With such a soft and mystical voice against simple beats, Young Ejecta paints a well portrait of love. Despite some lyrical aspects tugging at the heartstrings, the synths and backing beat will carry you.


  • “Money Can’t Buy” by Howard- I’m glad I’m not the only who thinks this guy sounds like Chris Martin, which in my opinion is never a bad thing. It’s relaxing and has a great combination of this backing beat, an acoustic guitar, and this dreamy voice singing about a lover that he misses. The lyrics are honest, yet depressing, but the beat and his voice cancels out any negativity and you fall in love.


  • “I Wish(You Were Mine)” by Anders- This song gets straight to the point, “I wish you were mine.”  This has been a great hit on SoundCloud for a while, and I can see why. Anders’ voice has that folk, and desirable essence as he sings; mix of an indie song. (I believe it’s a free download as well)


  • “Wherever is Your Heart I Call Home” by Brandi Carlile- A great folk-rock song that surfaced in December. She has such a powerful voice, and still controlled when needed; a little country twang in her voice. Her voice can carry the song alone, and it ignites the passion. RIYL:The Wild Reeds, Mumford and Sons.



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