The Drummer who found his voice: E-MUTE- Praise Your Senses- Track Review

“My project is called E-MUTE (Electric Mute) a name with a very allegorical meaning for me, Electric because it is rock music, and Mute because as a drummer who was playing for other people while writing his own music I was feeling ‘artistically’ mute; I was having the need to communicate what I wanted to express by playing my own shit.” – Theo Mak, of E-Mute. Originally written by Phillip D. @IndieRockCafe, via

Before deciding to branch off and compose music, E-MUTE was solely a professional drummer from London, UK, who built his resume having played with musicians such as Pip Williams (produced Dido), Bias Boshell (Moody Blues), and Scott James (Stereophonics). With all of this under his belt he joined forces with other talented musicians to produce the  alternative-rock project known as E-Mute who consist of: Theo Mak (vocals,pianos, drums, lyrics), Emil Lloyd (guitar), Sam Thompson (bass), and Dimitris Degres (drums).

I had to ask Mak myself, how come he decided to stop “being mute?”   He obviously still composes on drums, and has the talent to match. Very nicely he responded, “I just got tired playing other people’s music.” The best answer anyone could have. With that said, there is more of an intimate relation when listening to his music, knowing the desire to be heard.

E-Mute’s new single, “Praise your senses,” is a compelling track to not only introduce people to their sound, as well as to the uplifting lyrics, and in whole what this project is about. The drums in the beginning of the track are my favorite, though its sort lived, as it becomes blended with such a heavy, and dark feel.  Some similarities are heard to Joy Division, Depeche Mode, and in the realms of 80s New Wave, only more aggressive and controlled structurally. Although, Mak may at times have that deep baritone voice, it also isn’t as depressing as Ian Curtis of Joy Division.

The musical arrangements are one to admire; the climatic build, the quite eerie piano keys against Mak’s powerful vocals. By the third minute the build grows to this loud and climatic sound with a disciplined long note held over the guitar, repeating in exhaustion to be heard, “Praise Your Senses.” This is where you can feel the intensity between such powerhouse vocal execution. The track seems as an anthem, to all the people not being heard, lyrically speaking: “Praise your senses and you will be assured / Following crowds, can do no good / it’s just not good to be so sure for an unexamined life.” With such lyrics, the overall composition of the track carries it perfectly.

I recommend giving this artist a listen, along with another one of my favorite tracks, “Clock Moves Forward.” I believe these are a talented group of musicians that are reviving a dark sound with a beautiful soul, musically speaking.


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