Pomona Music Scene Playlist- By Pomona Revival

Justin, from Pomona Revival, which is a community of local artists who support each other, compiled a playlist of his personal take on the current best local artists in Pomona and the surrounding Inland Empire. Justin put together a great mix, while I provided a brief synopsis of each song. End the year off by getting a head start on great new music, and future show dates. While you’re at it, “like” Pomona Revival page, via Facebook,  to be updated on local artists’ performance. Enjoy.

  • Lost Frontiers (Lost Frontiers EP, 2012) “Bonneville” –  Bonneville has a very western ethereal sound;  indie-folk song. Scratchy voice is prominent against an acoustic guitar. Song to sing to a lover. Solo project of Patrick Durkee, from Diamond Bar,  which features rotating bands members for live performances. Will be at DBA Friday January 30th


  • The Violet Mindfield– (The Violet Mindfield  EP)Got it bad“-  Another great upbeat track of this album. Extremely catchy and a stronger embodiment of the retro sound of the 60s TVM perfectly displays. Fluid breakdowns that can focus on the drumming ; vocals are pushed in the chorus. Band from Ontario, will be at The Press in Claremont, this Saturday, January 3rd. 


  • The 45s (Up the Mountain)- “Loyalty”- slower, folky voice followed with a nice woman’s background voice. Great if you like simple and meaningful acoustic songs.


  • Their Wedding (Wine EP, 2014) “Military Child”- Starts with a slow piano; later progresses with a steady drum beat and synthesizers. Definitely surprised me as the song changed to this loud, climatic build. Male vocals are very controlled. Indie-trio from Los Angeles.


  • New Manners– (New Manners EP, 2013)- “Take What’s Yours” – Catchy indie-pop song, with a guitar riff to match, and  instantly grabs you in with the lyrics: “I don’t think I could love you anymore”   From Upland, currently in the studio recording their new EP due in February. Performing at The Press with The Violet Mindfield Saturday, January 3rd.


  • Children– (Feel Time EP) “While I Still Have My Youth- The first 40 seconds of this song are pure, melodic bliss with a hint of “psybiant” feel. Overall mellow feel and picks up. One of my favorite vocals. The transitions in this song are something to admire. By the 3rd minute it slows down and turns into this lovely 50s track with hints of moderation. Picks up again to prominent drums; fades out perfectly.  From West Covina. Releasing an album in February or March. Playing Friday January 16th at Flyway At Fox with Miss Chief & Naive Thieves.


  • Jetpacks and Laser Guns (Human Protocol) “Native Alien”- harder distortion on guitars; the constant provided by the rhythm guitar is catchy. Overall an upbeat song but what pulled it together, and differed it  than a normal upbeat indie-rock song, was the use of synths and possibly a keytar? Four  piece from Rancho Cucamonga. Self-released their EP, and will be playing at Flyway At Fox on Friday January 9th with Silver Snakes


  • The Wild Reeds (Songs for the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening 2010) “Clouds”- Never disappointed with these  girls. The banjo sets the folk tone as the other instruments slowly make their appearance followed by strong vocals; in the sense the emotion they carry. Of course the rest of the gals also can sing, as they croon in the back


  • Blac Jesus and the Experimentalists (Crimson, 2011) “Man on Fire”- Immediate blues and slow approach as the song starts. Deep voice carries the weight paired with a guitar. By 1:35, the song picks up with drumming and more emotion is scratched out. Definitely a toe tapper, fused with the right elements of blues and funk. By the 3rd minute it falls down, similar to its beginning, picking up again with a sexy sax matching tempo with a heavy guitar; drums gets louder towards the end of the song.


  • The Violet Mindfield (The Violet Mindfield EP) “My Mind is a Murderer“- for a 1:36 this song packs a punch. Once again similar roots of a modernized and heavier 60s vibe;  upbeat and the guitar riff is extremely catchy.


  • Silver Snakes (Year of the Snake, 2014) “Grey Wolf Wild”- I love how heavy and strong this song is. A great indie-rock song embedded with early screamo elements in the chorus; singer has a strong pair of pipes. Towards the end of the song it slows down and exits each instrument till its just the vocals. On Bridge Nine Records; anticipating  European Tour with Teeth Become Pianos. Playing Flyway At Fox, on January 9th, with Jetpacks And Laser Guns


  • Blac Jesus & The Experimentalists– (Breaking Through, 2012) “Mr. Sadly” – A unique blues song, that is great when you just want to feel the mood. Starts of slow as the story is told, and what makes it so interesting is by the 2nd minute we are introduced to beat-boxing over the guitar. This is when it picks up again to the sax and the drums, with I think is a clever transition and build for the song.


  • Iris (Nectar, 2014) “Good Stuff”- Such a great song  with beautiful vocals. A mellow, alternative track with lyrics for the romantic at heart. “It’s the good stuff /  you know,” is repeated over a  distorted guitar. Towards the end this pairs well with the mellow tempo, and picks up towards the end, yet it’s the female vocals that stole the spotlight in my opinion on this track. They’re soft, and airy but can reach high notes with intense emotion and a slight raspy feel. It kind of reminds me of a ballad from the 90s with that dark female front woman who embodies “grunge.”  West Covina locals, just released their album “Nectar” on December 12th and also  will be playing at the DBA on Saturday, January 31st.


  • ZenToniC –(Set the Tone, 2014) “Set the Tone” – Not sure how to describe this song besides musically well-blended and great excitement for ones ears. I don’t think anything I say will live up to this indie-rock track. Also in love with his voice. Playing DBA, Saturday, January 17.


  • Miss Chief– (2014 ) “Don’t make me”- jazz, surf-pop, indie-rock, with a touch of retro influences. Upbeat, catchy, unique vocals, if not familiar with Loera’s vocals, it should be a delight to hear the playfulness in her voice. From Riverside, currently in the studio for their first EP released. Next Show: Flyway at Fox , Pomona, Friday January 16th, with Naive Thieves & Children.


  • Lost Frontiers (2013 ) – “The Weight”- Starts off as an acoustic ballad as this story unravels. Picks up by the first minute and transcends into a modernized version of the old west, with a dusty vocal approach. Longer song, about 6 minutes, with such a heavy feeling; great track.

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