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When Indie Met Chillwave: Titanics- ‘Deeper’ Album Review

In the wide umbrella of  “new wave,” I’ve noticed such a revival of new fused indie tracks with these elemental traits. Titanics is one of those bands that embodies the natural state of tranquility in music. Consisting of Mark Lombardo (vocals, keyboard beats) and Derek Rogers (Guitar, and graphics), the duo from Albany, NY have developed their own version of chill-wave and synth-pop in their new album Deeper, which was released this past October. The duo has been  featured on Mercedes Benz ‘best new talent’ mix tape 2013 and is worth the listen to feed your musical hunger.

Starting off the album is a simple “Intro” of a 2:33 minute track that sets the tone. It’s extremely “chill” and mellow and slowly fades out as we transition into the next song.

“Stepping Out” is the next track on the album, and one of my favorites. This is one of those songs that you listen to as you drive in your car thinking about ex-lovers in a self-conclusive way, loving life.

Was this a too accurate description?

With an 80s drum beat and bright-pop synth pieces, this is a standout track that immediately raises your mood.

As we explore further into the album we notice all the abilities that this duo has to offer. One of the best things I noticed overall was the placement choices of each song. Every album is a story, speaking what is needed from the artists’ and from “Stepping Out” we now begin to “Move Slow.”

Extremely dreamy and quite intimate, “Move Slow” entices anyone to listen to this track multiple times. Seductive synths and keyboard placements followed by the dreamy-shoegaze guitar are as hypnotizing as the vocals showcased.  The album then picks up the same synth-pop beat with “Terrain” and continues the flow.

“Ellie Kemper,” has one of the best steady beats intertwined with a guitar. This is a refreshing combination of different music genres I’ve noticed Titanics seem to dabble in on the album.

Another one of my favorite songs off this album  is “Drive in OOO’s.” Starting off with a similar guitar heard on the previous track listing, we have an ultimate feel good song. The looping of the guitar is the best on this track if I had to specify what makes this song so good. This is a well blended indie-pop and dream wave song. By 2:25, the song changes the pitch of the vocals, and ends with a funky bass.

“So Sleepy Hollow,” gets your attention with heavy breathing and a persistent drum beat. The breathing will loop throughout with the right amount of seduction as an overlay of vocals echo “Just you / Just you.” It then ends with a fuzz of people talking in the background and displays to the listener the ultimate image of being in a crowded room and this is what it sounds like to see “Just you.” Based on my interpretation of this song, I find it quite sweet.

The last track, “2,” is another upbeat and catchy song off the album. This is your normal mix of synth-pop but not so heavy on the electro-dance pop aspects heard on  previous tracks. It breaks down into the clicking and clacking of a typewriter moving onto the next line, and picks up again with a catchy guitar riff that eventually fades out and completes the album.

Overall this album leaves you in a state of serenity and appreciation for anything around you. Titanics have found a way to blend synth-pop and chill-wave to produce their own dance music for the indie scene.

Deeper-Titanics- BandCamp

courtesy of Titanics
courtesy of Titanics

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